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Garden Class @ The Summer Art School

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This week I did a garden class with Amy Cooney’s Summer Art Class in Ballyboughal. For those who may not be aware, that’s in North County Dublin, just outside of Swords and it’s also my own home town.

It was great to be asked and always an interesting phone call with Amy, the latter is partly because she’s a pretty darned talented artist and has a really cracking eye for interior design. Which is sort of the opposite of what I do.

The ages at the gig ranged from under 4 to around 12-ish and armed with some fresh-cut from my homestead garden props it was a nice moment when the smallest began finishing off correctly my sentences when I was chatting the life cycle of a plant. In this case an apple tree.

We planted garlic cloves in compostable pots and chatted how they’ll never have to buy garlic again if they look after this one and how to look after it and then with the help of some volunteers we did the sowing watercress in cotton wool gig. Always loved doing that when I was a smaller. And then forgetting that I’d actually placed them in the bowl on top of the fridge. And then remembering that I had about 72 weeks later. Mad stuff altogether.  Always makes me smile.

Cheers to all for a cracker of a morning.

On a mild side note, this weeks Sodshow might prove of interest to some taller people who look after younger people đŸ˜‰

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All Posts Garden Talks and Events with Peter Donegan

Fingal Libraries/ Peter Donegan Schools Gardening Classes

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Fingal Libraries in conjunction with gardener Peter Donegan are hosting a series of classes with primary school children to teach them the real facts of nature. The sessions will cover topics such as gardening, water, the great outdoors, how plants make their own food and how we grow ours, fruit and vegetables, trees and flowers, making a living edible garden and staying green at home.

These classes will give the children the opportunity to get their hands dirty and do some planting themselves and at the same time have fun while exploring the natural world and biodiversity.

The garden classes entitled, Adventures in Green Gardening, start Tuesday 16th October and will run for 6 weeks.

A list of books has been compiled by Peter Donegan and Fingal Libraries for the children to read themselves and also a list of more detailed books for parents. All of the books noted are available from Fingal Libraries.