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Fingal Libraries/ Peter Donegan Schools Gardening Classes

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Fingal Libraries in conjunction with gardener Peter Donegan are hosting a series of classes with primary school children to teach them the real facts of nature. The sessions will cover topics such as gardening, water, the great outdoors, how plants make their own food and how we grow ours, fruit and vegetables, trees and flowers, making a living edible garden and staying green at home.

These classes will give the children the opportunity to get their hands dirty and do some planting themselves and at the same time have fun while exploring the natural world and biodiversity.

The garden classes entitled, Adventures in Green Gardening, start Tuesday 16th October and will run for 6 weeks.

A list of books has been compiled by Peter Donegan and Fingal Libraries for the children to read themselves and also a list of more detailed books for parents. All of the books noted are available from Fingal Libraries.

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Peter Donegan/ Fingal Libraries Garden Classes – Recommended Reading

fingal libraries garden class books

The following books were chosen by Peter Donegan with Siobhan Walshe of Fingal Libraries and are intended as a guide list of books to be used by Teachers, Parents and Children during the six week Primary School garden programme, Adventures in Green Gardening, that starts Tuesday 16th October.

More information on this to follow….

Rather than give a short list of [say 5 for example – over maybe 30 students] books, it was felt a longer list was better. This allows for more variation and relevance to ones home set up and also ones existing gardening enthusiasm and level of experience.

The gardening and outdoors books, all available from Fingal Libraries, are listed in no particular order and are divided into two categories, namely Children and Adults.

If you may be wondering – all books were personally selected. To Siobhan and the Librarians [Blanchardstown Library in this case] who tidied them all away, correctly, after me – thank you so very much, sincerely.

More information on Fingal Libraries:


fingal libraries plant books

  • Horrible Science: Wasted World – N. Arnold (J333.7)
  • Disappearing Forests – A Royton (J333.75)
  • Wonderful Water – H. Lanz – (J333.91)
  • Food for Life – J. Baines – (J333.7)
  • Earth: The Incredible Recycling Machine – P. Bennett (J333.72)


  • Our Living Planet – Y. Arthus-Bertrand (J333.72)
  • The Earth’s Resources – R. & L. Spilsbury (J333.7)
  • Why Should I switch off the Light? – M .J. Knight (J333.7)
  • How we use plants for making things – S Morgan (J581.636)
  • How we use plants for making medicine and health – S Morgan (J581.634)


  • How we use plants for making Food – S Morgan (J581.632)
  • How we use plants for making Shelter – S Morgan (J581.636)
  • Cycles in nature: Plant Life – T. Greenaway (J581.7)
  • Watch it Grow: Sunflowers – B Watts
  • The Life of Plants – F. Walton (J581.2)


  • Flowers, Fruits & Seeds – S Morgan (J581)
  • The Plant Kingdom: A Guide to plant Classification & Biodiversity (J580).
  • Growing Plants – P. Riley (J631.5)
  • Vegetables – N. Edwards (J635)
  • Gairdin an Nadur – M. Cox (J639.92g)


  • Little Green Fingers – M An Vanhage (J635)
  • Watch it grow for young gardeners – J. Bullock & D James (J635)
  • RHS how does my garden grow? – (J635)
  • Green Fingers & Muddy Boots: A year in the garden for children & families – S. Santer (J635)
  • Watch it grow – B. Watts (J635.65)
  • Circle of life: Growing Things (J635.9)

Adults Gardening

fingal libraries gardening (9)

  • The complete Book of Vegetables, Herbs & Fruit – M.Biggs, J. McVicar
  • First time Gardener – S. Buczacki
  • How to Garden – (Hamlyn)   (06006083799334)
  • A year in the garden – S. Bradley
  • Gardeners’ Question time – J. Cushnie B Flowerdew et al


  • A handful of herbs – B. Segall
  • New Encyclopedia of gardening techniques – RHS
  • The Gourmet Gardener – B. Flowerdew
  • The complete book of Weekend Garden Projects – J. Wendy
  • The vegetable Gardener’s Ultimate A-Z – E.C. Smith


  • How to make your garden grow –  T. Buckland
  • Your Herb garden month by month – B. Segall
  • The gardening book – P. McHoy
  • The Living Garden – Jane Powers
  • The garden in autumn – E. Clarke


  • Reader’s Digest complete guide to Gardening – Season by Season
  • A farmer’s life for me –  J. Doherty
  • Composting Inside & Out – S. Denies
  • Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening – RHS. M. Pollock.
  • The Thrifty gardener – A. Fowler
  • Complete Fruit book – B. Flowerdew

Adults contd.

  • Woodlands – O.Rackham (52.16)
  • Trees of Ireland – Nature and natuilised E. Charles Nelson (582.1609415)
  • Trees- an Explore your world handbook (Discovery Channel)
  • How to Identify trees – P. Harding (582.16)
  • Flowers at my feet – B. Gibbons (582.13)


  • Going Green: The Irish Guide to Living a greeer life Tony O’ Brien (333.7209415)
  • Drive like a woman, shop like a man: Green is cheaper M Muvihill (333.72)
  • There’s a hippo in my cistern: One man’s misadventures on the Eco- Frontline – Pete May (333.72092)
  • Shades of Green: A (mostly) practical A-Z for the reluctant environmentalist – P.Waddington (333.72)
  • Communities, councils & a low carbon future- what we can do if governments won’t – A. Powell (333.72)
  • Pocket Guide to Wild Flowers Of Britain & Europe. – H. L. Pursee (582.13)