About Us

Peter Donegan began gardening at the age of 5 and having gardened all his childhood, went on to study horticulture for 4 years.

Having graduated through the responsibilities and positions of the landscape industry by 24 years of age, Peter Donegan Garden Design was borne.

Since 2001 the small yet beautiful practice has designed, project managed and realised an array of styles and varying sizes of gardens, cityscapes, buildings, their surrounds, and landscapes.

From school gardens, parks in which cars could be placed, golf courses and hotel welcomes, to small domestic gardens, large and larger again private and public landscapes, irrespective of size there is not one type or style that has not been undertaken.

The wish for the design practice was always that the humbling compliment of being invited to create a daydream, turn it into a series of equations (drawings) that upon completion, only ever appeared as a daydream to those who visited and, that that would make another smile.

Contact Peter about your landscape design project: 

Email hello@doneganlandscaping.com 
or call +353(87)6594688