creating a garden at the smithfield festival ’09

Do you remember Urban Garden Smithfield that took place last year…?

There are a lot of elements involved in it. But from my point of view…. it’s obviously got to to be about gardens.

This year it going to be a little different.

This year I’m building a garden. Of sorts. 😉

I can’t really tell you what it’s going to look like when it’s complete.

But I can tell you some of the specific elements it will involve.

First up…. I’m gonna take some of the ‘waste’ you would find here…

Second… I’m going to use some plants supplied by a good friend of mine…

Then I’m going work quite closely with the lovely people from here….

Before you ask…. sometimes I even wonder what goes on in that head of mine 😆

But… if it gets people thinking about ‘waste’ and it makes you smile… it can’t all be bad?

When is this all taking place….

This Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th August ’09 in Smithfield square. I’ll put more information up on this weblog when I get the full details.

it’s also a free event.

Why not drop along and say hello 😉

More details on the day at website

recycling in dublin….

I always wanted to meet the lads in one of these places. No particular reason. Just intrigue I guess. And it’s important. And I guess I irregularly get those calls saying ‘do you know if they take that kind of stuff….’

Nice lads. Very interesting place.

more information at the Dublin waste website

Self Inflicted Recessions…?

yeah i’ll be there in an hour…

We had to call a services company recently… We called at 9.11am and were told they’d be here in one hour. We called again at 2.11pm and were told they are on the way. We then called at 4.25pm to cancel [after waiting a full day] to be told yeah thats’s grand…

I don’t mind if a company tells me tomorrow and they turn up tomorrow, or next week and they arrive then. What I do mind is companies who complain about a sales downturn, lay people off etc. when sometimes really all that’s needed is a change in mentality… ?

I wrote about recessions here some time ago – the question is – is it somewhat self inflicted…?

cork waste [matchers] matter

waste matters

waste matters

I met Catherine Costello, the project manager for waste matters at Damien Mulleys event. It was unusual, to see a website such as this represented at what was essentially a ‘how to use a weblog best‘ seminar – mainly as I thought I would be the only one [ie with a ‘non techie’ blog].

Catherines, now famous, story was how a flat screen television was found in a skip – before you ask it only needed a new plug!

I had a rumage through the site [click here]. For me it’s well built, very well designed and very easy to use. I found I could have refurbed my office, my house and got two bikes. One person was even donating 50 computer monitors. I know last week I had 2 sheds, an outdoor table c/w 6 chairs to give away and thats just the start of it. Bulaidh bós to Catherine for so many reasons – one of which was attending courses like to and appreciating that we can all learn more. With that in mind it’s is a pity others don’t take a leaf out of her book! hmm wonder will I find anything for my garden….

Category Description Amount Available/
Baby Goods Reversible buggy. Available Macroom Details
Baby Goods Cosato stroller good condition Available Crookstown Details
Bikes & Accessories 2 mens bicycles Available Youghal Details
Furniture Wooden bunk beds wanted can exchang… Wanted Rosscarbery Details
Furniture Green three piece suite. Available Midleton Details

going green – is it a waste?



I made a conscious decision some time ago that if the earth, landscaping to be precise, was my work then I as best as possible and the donegan landscaping team should work to a little more for the earth. It sounds like a fair deal and it is. It wasn’t that I/we did nothing green from the outset, but more a company strategy of sorts needed to be put into practice to create an ethos that could be improved upon.

When selecting trees out of season we try [it’s not always possible] to use trees from ‘air grown pots’ [like the ones above] as they’re reusable.

The green waste from garden is, naturally, recycled. The large wood heats the office and the softer, smaller wood goes to mulch.

When we buy compost and bark that we cannot generate ourselves it comes from recycled materials – rather than from bogs.

When we do, we also only use mulching mowers – a big carbon saver!



One would assume it stops there…. ? There is the usual recycling of cloth material, electric appliances, glass, cans and also when shopping giving back all packaging; energy saving bulbs and a very well insulated building; we also located ourselves within a four mile radius of four main suppliers – more than that? the coffee grinds, tea bags and fruit peels etc. go to the green waste heap.

To reduce paper we recycle envelopes; we’re decommissioning our facsimile machine and moving to emailing company documents; waste paper is also turned over & used for note paper and then made into a máche type fire log to heat the office via our wood stove.

We buy Irish products, locally when possible – I know that’s got something to do with carbon footprints somewhere.

Is there more I/ we do? Is there more we can do? Since starting almost eight years ago now we kind of figured through our monthly meetings ourselves to this point – surely we can do a little more?! can we?