Red Is The Rose

Well, one should do something for Valentines. It helps that I absolutely love this song.

Love you all 😉

song courtesy: Martin Byrne Music

I Love You More

For those in my life who make it a better place to be.

Well…. ye know…. 😉

corylus avellana ‘contorta’

corylus avellana contorta

corylus avellana contorta

I bought this plant around five years ago. But only recently has it started to show its true beauty. An aged, almost antique piece for the garden The ‘corkscrew hazel’ as it is commonly known produces tiny catkins which develop around the winter period.

I found it very difficult to get a really good photograph – but still, another little gem of intrigue for the garden. Valentines day is not so far off. If you’re not really one for the 10,000 euro bunch of chrysanthemums [including delivery..?], then this ones for you. Enjoy!