10 green [juicy] bits…

On that note…. Ireland is more expensive than the UK …..? I think I’ve just blown that arguement to absolute pieces…. or found a retirement plan. Look at the price tag on this. btw postage is £20 extra 😯



  • over at grannymar’s blog – a heated discussion boils over on the possible concoctions using to fennel – old wives [ 😉 ] tales, maybe ?!

ireland is the biggest exporter of bananas in the world. Here’s why – thanks to fyffes

Believe it or not Ireland is the bigest exporter of bananas in the world. Although bananas do not grow in Ireland, Fyffes (an Irish owned company) imports bananas from Columbia, Honduras, Belize and Costa Rica and then exports them throughout Europe making Ireland, as a country, the biggest exporter of bananas in the world!

Connor asked me to mention his Irish Poultry website. I like it 😉

The site isn’t funded, it’s more of a hobbby at the minute. It’s geared to providing information and help to people who hope to start with keeping poultry in Ireland. On the site people can locate breeders with a view to buying and selling poultry. Our blog provides a wealth of information on many topics such as Red Mite, Building a roost, or how to prevent annoyance of roosters (in built up areas).

  • I have my beliefs. But – there’s a point? Like if the best uncle wants to treat one of his nieces to a Mc Donalds – then for one day only – she can have it. Fair point? My money. She’s the boss! Anyhow, this post about the animal rights association may change your mind…. drive through it is so 🙄 grafton street at 4am maybe – not at 4pm with those images.

Speaking of animal rights… and activists 😉

and of course this may also cheer you up…

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