technology for a gardener…

...are we?

...are we?

I’ve been brewing on this one for a while. I know a lot of ‘techies’. But, like me, when talking in latin ie. plant language [my equivalent] – sometimes one can get lost in the midst of conversations and to the point of no return.

My task is to take ten technology related companies and with the help of the brains behind the operation

  • explain how your product/ service works technically
  • explain how it would benefit a non techie/ greenfingers

Where I can I will suggest

  • products/ services I use or haved used
  • in my everyday life where possible
  • Irish companies unless there is no equivalent

My reasons for this… I guess I had some bad luck in techie terms. At one point last year my website even died for 6 weeks and came up with the message ‘website suspended’ 🙄 the weekend bloom opened. Since then I have learned so much, I have met so many amazing people and I have come a long way in terms of what I might consider my now, second hobby.

No matter which way I look at it technology like nature should be embraced. It is a part of modern life and is often necessary to get those creative juices flowing.

I’ll publish one per week every thursday Monday. I’ll also put the directory of articles/ companies on this page. In the meantime enjoy the video… see if you can spot a techie you know 😆

  1. blacknight – read the article here
  2. maxroam – read the article here
  3. – read the article here
  4. twitter – read the article here
  5. polldaddy – read the article here
  6. loudervoice – read the article here
  7. eWrite – read the article here
  8. – read the article here
  9. silicon republic – read the article here
  10. murrion software – read the article here

a new web….

a new web...

a new web...

The new look website and blog is finally here. It has taken some time… but we have finally made it.

It’s a lot slimmer, a litle bit fresher and a lot more modern.

Before I go any further… it was designed and built with *you* in mind so I simply hope you enjoy reading.

so what have we got that’s groovy:

  • *Cleaner layout with simple user friendly navigation
  • *Landscaping Gallary showcase
  • *Wider search
  • *Daily rotation of header
  • *Simple easy to use contact form
  • *Blog post Audio & print support
  • *Better, user focused comment system
  • *Twitter update integration with twitter API
  • *Page and Post navigation –which is visible @blog bottom section
  • *Gravatar & myblog support @comment
  • *Comment user’s Flag support
  • * Sitewide Vcard support
  • *integration of Blog & site all together
  • *new archive index selection and search method
  • *Category post count

and on the technical side:

  • *Whole site and Blog 95% hardcoded to reduce Plugin deppendancy
  • *IP2Nation Data integration with Database
  • *Flickr account integration and sync
  • *Talkr API used for Audio versioning of posts
  • *Better caching system-so the pages load faster

This is all with very special thanks to Kam, Paddy and Adrian. And tomorrow we return to gardens… Let me know what you think, say a well done to the lads… and enjoy, the thoughts and ramblings of a landscape gardener.

top posts for december



the top posts for November were getting back to a more horticultural nature and December a little moreso again – but – I still don’t understand why a post on taxi ranks has rated in the top 10 since it was written….? Maybe someone can tell me?

That said, I still have to publish the top posts for the year of 2008…

For the moment…. from 1-10 here are the top 10 posts that you liked to read the most for last month. Once again, enjoy and thank you for visiting and reading.

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the garden guest sessions…

the question was asked...

the question was asked...

This year and trickling into next, The Thursday Garden Guest Sessions were an absolute success. 10 guests speakers, self nominated and at random, first come first selected took it upon themselves to tell their story of ‘The Garden – What I like about…’.

And so to the next Thursday Garden Guest sessions. The name is open to change. The selection route holds no boundaries. It is your garden. It is your story and it is up to you to decide…If you fancy telling yours, drop me a line via email, pick up the telephone or just leave a comment here.

can you do it... ?

can you do it... ?

Regarding the name of the upcomng series [Oh My God 😉 ]the most immediate suggestions came from John Peavoy with What’s behind YOUR hedge?” “Green-fingered gurriers” “Weeds, seeds and grassy knees”. Irish stu came in with dig dug donegan” “peter the pothead” “grassed up” and the road to prune” “weeding out” “Who Will Sucseed? Bohoe decided on “No recession in the garden”, or “Yes, I can garden”, or “The Green Visitor”, or “Your Next Door Gardener”, or “Gardenator”…and finally Donna Mair came in with “The plot thickens”.

vote @doneganland to represent ireland…

vote @doneganland for green

vote @doneganland for green

The shortyawards.They honour the worlds top producers of short content for 2008 – in this case via twitter – in my case in the green category.Coud there be an Irish representative?????

Voting runs until December 31st 2008

How do you vote for @doneganland ?

there are two ways to do this.

1] log in to your twitter account and type in @shortyawards I nominate @doneganland for a Shorty Award in #green because…

2] go to and fill in the form.

What determines the winners?

  • The five people with the most nominations in each category will go on to the final voting round, held January 5th to 14th.
  • There will be an awards ceremony in New York in late January, where the winners can deliver their 140-character acceptance speeches.