murrion… technology for a gardener #10

murrion software

murrion software

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.

This is piece #10. This is Murrion Software.

I’ve met Gordon Murray on numerous occasions. Nice guy. A very smart guy. I like the fella. Gordon was as you may remember one of guys involved in a previously reviewed company called eWrite.

Based in Cork, Gordon took a massive leap and decided to venture out on his own. Maybe that’s youth 😉 but it is also someone with belief in that what it is they do is good enough to earn a living.

Like the logo? – read the story here. Designed at the closest to free gratis possible [via Twitter] by Gary McGinty from Ion Ltd. I think it’s brilliant…. and incredibly smart… you should – the coverage the both of these guys have got… for being nice people…. would make you wonder why people aren’t nice all the time 🙂

i like this....

i like this....

I asked Gordon what Murrion Software does – and I got an answer. However, because of my horticultural qualifications I could never recite this back 😉 In summary [in my words] if one wanted a ‘specific’ programme tailor made for a specific task – you that kind of ‘wouldn’t it be great if we had a thing that could do that…’ kind of a way… [?] This is where you call Gordon. He is the Houdini of all things with a three pin plug.

Check out: a very useful email newsletter statistics reference for businesses sending email marketing campaigns. This application collects email newsletters from businesses around the world and displays summary information such as the most popular days of the week and the most popular hours of the day for sending an email newsletter. Based on the 300 newsletters analysed so far, next time you send out a newsletter, consider sending it on a Tuesday between 4pm and 5pm and watch for improved readership.

AND: its free keywords domain tool which allows a business to be notified by email of any newly expired .ie domain names that are relevant to its businesses keywords.

Go check out Murrion. Have a browse maybe just say hi and wish him all the best. Gordon is also on twitter here.


i'm the one on the right by the way... !

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get twitter updates from your houseplants… ?

If you are unsure of what Twitter is – click here

My friend Donna in Canada sent me this piece. It was in the Province Newspaper today [2nd February ’09] in Vancouver – Taken from Jill Rosen at the Baltimore Sun, and titled “Get Twitter Updates from your Houseplant”.



The technology that enables humans and houseplants to take their relationship to the next level comes from a company called Botanicalls, which sells $99 kits for just that purpose.

It’s not only a nifty gadget charming wonks and gardeners,. Botanicalls, some say, is indicative of the next wave in commerical technology, devices that allow us to interact not just with each other but with our homes, our pets , our possessions.

Botanicalls is the brainchild of three students in NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications program, a two year graduate program in the school’s arts department.

The idea hatched when some of the students were sitting around in their New York office, wistfully missing nature. Someone mentioned getting some plants. Someone else pointed out that no one would remember to water them and they would die.

“Eventually we came to the idea of what if a plant could just make us a telephone call?” remembers Kate Hartman, one of the Botanicall’s three partners. “What if we could pick up the phone in the lounge and it’s the plant on the windowsill, calling to say it wants to be watered?”

The first generation of the Botanicalls technology used the telephone. The creators rigged a moisture sensor to stick in a  plant’s soil to sense how wet the dirt is and then pass that information ot a microchip. The chip, in turn, sent the information through the Internet to a phone. The phone would ring, a person would answer and “the plant”, in its own individal voice – complete with accents – would have a few words to say about its condition.

Because hardware for the phone system was so essxpensive, it wasn’t practical to sell. That’s where the Twitter version, released late last year, comes in.

“It’s simpler and easier to maintain,” Hartman explains,”With a phone, we needed a server and it was expensive to send calls. With Twitter, it’s free and the hardware connects right to Twitter!”

To find out more about botanicalls – click here

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recycle a garden giveaway #2

as free as the sky light

as free as the sky light

The last time I did a garden giveaway…. this is what happened – click here

This time its a little different…

  • lettuce plants in plug trays about 15
  • cobble stones varying sizes and colours about 170
  • and i might even throw in some fresh eggs
  • oh and i’ve got a draftsmans drawing table as well [not in video]

to contact me…. dm me on twitter – first come [to collect] first served 🙂

ps the best things in life are free


The free stuff is gone! I got a message on twitter



So ‘the lady’ is the wife of a George Foxe. A really cool guy I used be best mates in school with… Hadn’t seen him since I left and I was about 16 … I then met George about 8 years ago in skerries in a pub I very randomly chose to pop into. I haven’t seen him since 😯

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twitter… technology for a gardener #4

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.


This is piece #4. This is Twitter.

What is twitter? Says their own website…

Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

donegan landscaping twitter logo

on twitter

In my language – it is sending a text of no more than 140 charachters and ‘allowing’ [should you wish] the world to see it. The Twestival website explains it well. So gardeners on twitter is a surprise…. did you know The RHS are on it??!

Some think believe that if you sign up to twitter and grab yourself a blog business will mulptiply by a gizillion per cent… ?!! That’s about as logic as learn how to speak Irish in just one day – and all you have to do is watch this video…… 😆

…… it doesn’t work that way. Not for me. Ever seen something you thought the world would like to know… ? Did you read the blog post I wrote? Well – this is the Qik review [live streaming video] but via text and pictures.

twitter ar Lá Fheile Phádraig

twitter ar Lá Fheile Phádraig

It was used to great effect by yours truly on St Patricks Day and so many others – all through Irish.

It was also used to great effect when Dublin Bus hit a tree.. in that it was live on twitter before any news media could get there…

But is it a business tool? In my opinion or for me, no. But, it once again makes life less complex rather than easier…

Once again the usual rules for ‘being careful’ with technology apply [common sense street wise] but after that signing up is easy. Is there an Irish alternative – not that I am aware of. For the moment – there’s only one way for you to go and that is to go check it out.

Register here, give yourself a username and say hello to @doneganland