Tree Straps – Winter Tree Care

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Beer belly syndrome – or trees bulging out over their tree straps, is a fairly common sighting for me. That said winter is a great time to meddle with any tree, now that it has entered its dormant state [see yesterdays post on the blog…]

I thought these Betula jacquemontii a good example to use as they are still quite young and worked well on the video.

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A Struggling Tree…?

In a garden recently, this tree caught my attention. It looks fine..? It isn’t really… somewhere in the middle of all those bare leafed branches a problem exists.

The suckers were coming up from the base, being that it’s a grafted tree and they were really starting to compete with the tree.

Outside of that when they and the weeds were removed, something else was discovered… uncovered?

Of the two main leaders [tallest stems] one was bulging below and above and old tree strap, growing around it and it growing into it – and the tree stake was also embedded…. surgery was required.

With an extremely sharp, petite pruning saw I set to work, gently…

small tree damage repairing tree

tree damage tree damage

very gently….

tree damage tree damage

The tree will be fine as a by the way. The general rule in gardening is always that prevention is better than cure. With that in mind, a quick walk around the garden, a little inspection with a shake and a rattle so to speak usually does the job.

If a little amputation is required… remember the ‘measure twice cut once rule’ – you can’t sellotape the branches back on  ie. once they are removed – they are removed. After that if you must, I generally like to give the tree a little spoon of [their] sugar in the form of tree fertiliser to soften the blow.