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Tree Moving in Dublin, This Season

Today was a great day for moving trees. The ground was wet, but this makes the digging a lot easier than when bone dry. It also allows for the more fragile of roots to maybe tease out as verus break inside a clump.

More than that the tree is in its dormant state.

Digging carefully around what you believe is the circumferance of the root zone and as best aspossible below, what one need to do is lift as much of the tree [below ground] as possible with as little disturbance as one possibly can. Sometimes easier said than done, I’ve used the Apricot as the example as versus the Oak trees I had to move later on today…..

With the trees lifted out of the ground, here’s what you find

These were the trees before I moved them….

Now all I need to do is replant them. I’ll give them a little fertiliser as they are going in and stake and strap them just to make life a little easier.