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Tomato Plants

The funny thing about these tomato plants is that they are not grown in [new complete with wetting agent type] compost as you can see. Rather the growing medium of choice is soil with some spent compost. Neither should I add have any feeds or fertilisers been used to to solve the mild deficiencies they have developed as a result of the most likely spent soil. In that same breath, one needs to bear in mind that these are not going to be sold on the supermarket shelves.

They were however grown under glass and that by this Irish gardeners logic makes life for the quasi fruit vegetable very easy to control or at the very least a certain amount of external factors.

The main thing to consider at this level of growing is the height to which they wish to grow to and as you may have noticed these plants are guided by wires. Food, pardon the clichéd pun, for thought.

Good gardeners always think a year in advance – so if you are thinking about growing one or three plants you’re absolutely fine and any south facing window will do. Anything more and maybe you might consider a spot in the space outdoors for a greenhouse. Well worth it… they are yummy!

tomato plant

That said and all told I took these two photographs in sandymount about two weeks ago where as you can see tomato plants were being used as a sort of hedge….

tomato plant hedge

That’ll never work one might think and is almost verging on going against Buy’s Ballots Law…. My humour aside, see the fruit en route below. As a by the way, the tomato hedge plants belong to Liz and Martin from Pivotal Communications who got the plants from Jane Powers.

tomato plant hedge