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My Rhubarb: The First Crop of 2012

I’ve fond 1980’s memories of the ash from the old coal fire ending up on top of our stools. They sat in the top right hand corner next to the compost heap. The stools that were never split in their life time and such were their notoriety I doubt a specific book in the local library even existed on them.

Sometimes it is good to remember just how simple it can be be. But and on the other hand I spent eons reading up, cropping, planting, re-reading and forcing in my horticultural college days. Science and arts aside, if you want to give this quasi tomato-esque fruity vegetable a go, it just doesn’t get much easier than this.

Of note and on a side not is it’s similarity in appearance to the plant Gunnera. I have more than once hands worth of fingers used it is normal garden design, where a designated vegetable garden was not wanted for.

Back to it and my tips: Buy your stools well. Plant it. Never feed it. Ignore and neglect it. Pick it when you see it and have a mug of coffee next to it before you go to work. Sometimes I have a wee chat with mine. Planted in the darkest, dampest patch of my garden, this variety is Timperly Early. Enjoy 😉


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Cropping My Rhubarb

It’s not that long ago that I mentioned my rhubarb and the fact that I would be cropping it soon.

I did it today. This video, hopefully will help you get the most out of yours. I don’t have that many plants, but I will when I divide them most likely next season. Another video for another day you say. You can of course grow these in pots if you would like some from a small space. As you can see from this and my last post on rhubarb, they get very little special treatment.

The variety I recommend and know best from my college days is Timperly Early