ewrite…. technology for a gardener #7

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This is piece #7. This is eWrite

A little over 1 year ago I had huge problems with my website inc. the costs to update them… in hindsight so rediculous, knowing what I know now. The entire point of this session of articles. Note please, I don’t and haven’t used this product – but it gets notoriety because it could have saved me in more ways than financial [see paragraph 4]. The problem I have, moreso have had, is for example when I go to a mechanic and he tell me something like…

yeah the monkey wrench leaked oil all over the half shafts neutrons and the calibrator and crank house is torn to shreds… we’re gonna have to replace the cd player as well…

It was like that for computers 😆 back to it…. ewrite is 100% Irish owned and run, based in Cork, started in 2000 and I know of no other alterative to it. Genius! I emailed Gordon Murray of ewrite for some ‘info I can understand’ of what and how it all works. Here’s what he said…

eWrite started out developing websites and applications for customers. Along the way we developed some software internally to make our day-to-day jobs of updating customers websites a little easier. Now we sell that software, a content management system called eWrite Lite and an email marketing system called eWrite Messenger.

I’m confused here…. slightly… but here’s where it gets good and here’s why I like it

  • Ewrite Lite allows a business to update their website at any time from any computer connected to the net. Its very easy to use and aimed at non technical people.
  • Ewrite Messenger allows you to import or create email newsletters and send it out to hundreds or thousands of email addresses and track the readers.
  • For new users or existing users that forget what they’re doing, we have tutorial videos to show you how to use the software.
  • You can try out a  free demo of the eWrite Lite which allows you to pull in afew pages from your own website to edit.
  • Theres a demo of eWrite Messenger at  which allows you to send out your newsletter to hundreds of dummy email addresses and check that they’ve arrived.

The beauty about all of this is if you are unsure, slightly confused or just a little stuck… you just pick up the phone and ask for Gordon! It was also reviewed by Damien who put a lot of logic on the matter of its advantages and you can browse through eWrites blog here.


beautiful cork....

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polldaddy… technology for a gardener #5

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.

polldaddyThis is piece #5. This is Polldaddy.

Put simply, we know what a poll is. We also know what a survey is… If you have ever been stopped on the street and asked for ‘a few minutes of your time…’ well, how does one make you want to give that time? How do you make it sexy..?

For example…

Polldaddy seems to be is the answer for me. I’m not big on the surveys myself. But short & snappy, tap one button and hey presto – does work.. I used it to great example here for what I called the garden polls…with very varying and interesting results. Worthwhile? me think so…

The beauty about this is.. if you got a few dollars to spare – or you’re like me and you’ll only use it now and again [free] you’re very well looked after. Sihning up is also very easy and simple. All good. They also have a blog… and from that I nabbed this video… really easy peasy 🙂

I spoke to a really nice guy called Donncha about Polldaddy. Donncha told me that although it has been sold on/ bought out…

not only was it Irish owned and one of the success stories of Ireland, but it is still based and operated from Sligo…

Not bad going… here’s what techcrunch say about polldaddy

Location: Co. Sligo, Ireland
Founded: September 1, 2006
Acquired: October 15, 2008 by Automattic

PollDaddy is a service that provides polling widgets for blogs, websites, and social networks. PollDaddy has recently entered a partnership with Piczo to provide poll services to their 30 million users….

So I say well done lads. Great service. Great product and of course there is this…

twitter… technology for a gardener #4

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.


This is piece #4. This is Twitter.

What is twitter? Says their own website…

Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

donegan landscaping twitter logo

on twitter

In my language – it is sending a text of no more than 140 charachters and ‘allowing’ [should you wish] the world to see it. The Twestival website explains it well. So gardeners on twitter is a surprise…. did you know The RHS are on it??!

Some think believe that if you sign up to twitter and grab yourself a blog business will mulptiply by a gizillion per cent… ?!! That’s about as logic as learn how to speak Irish in just one day – and all you have to do is watch this video…… 😆

…… it doesn’t work that way. Not for me. Ever seen something you thought the world would like to know… ? Did you read the blog post I wrote? Well – this is the Qik review [live streaming video] but via text and pictures.

twitter ar Lá Fheile Phádraig

twitter ar Lá Fheile Phádraig

It was used to great effect by yours truly on St Patricks Day and so many others – all through Irish.

It was also used to great effect when Dublin Bus hit a tree.. in that it was live on twitter before any news media could get there…

But is it a business tool? In my opinion or for me, no. But, it once again makes life less complex rather than easier…

Once again the usual rules for ‘being careful’ with technology apply [common sense street wise] but after that signing up is easy. Is there an Irish alternative – not that I am aware of. For the moment – there’s only one way for you to go and that is to go check it out.

Register here, give yourself a username and say hello to @doneganland

qik… technology for a gardener #3

you should...

you should...

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.

This is piece #3. This is Qik.

This is a toughie to explain. I find. For me. It’s not Irish. But there is no alternative. And it is absolutely amazing.


before I go any further. Please contact your phone company. In Ireland mine is O2 for example. You need a data package. I have the ‘1 meg’ data package. It costs about €15 per month. IF YOU DON’T sign up – do expect to remortgage the house…..

That out of the way. This is where the very intelligent people in QiK turn into amazing – It’s made simple. In every way. Its simple to sign-up – even for me 😆 You click on the website – a little box appears – pick a username, password and fill in your email address. You’ll then get a text to your phone with step by step instructions and after that you are just about done… *if* you do have any trouble – you email – it is answered. Genius 🙂

So what is Qik? So why do I use it? A gardener. A greenie. A green fingers etc… ?

It’s quite simple. You know when you need to explain something and one photograph just won’t do it? Qik allows one to video it – with a twist. That is, those watching can ask questions at the same time as you you ‘record’ – from their computer – which appears as question on your telephone screen.

Not the greatest example but, here’s one I did last year on growing in seed trays… I may not have had the greatest audience but the point is that – I did allow interaction with people – rather than ‘preach’ from a pre-recorded video….

Gardening aside – the finest example I used Qik for was when at a wedding – my brother in law was stuck in Dusseldorf airport and couldn’t get to the wedding on time because of airport strikes [Irish strikes for the record].

Naturally distraught – he called me – I told him to get to a computer in the airport [you know the pay per 30 min ones]. He did and I live streamed the couple to him saying they’d see him soon… and Phil typing in messages for me to read out….

The other great thing – no uploading to a blog post or an email – it’s already there. You just send the link or embed.

Anyhow – it is another amazing piece of technology that – makes life less complex… Thats said since I changed my phone grrrrrrrr 🙄 I have not been able to use Qik [click here for explanation] – but i’ll solve that one soon enough..

blacknight …technology for a gardener #1

blacknight solutions

blacknight solutions

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.

This is piece #1. First up is Blacknight Solutions.

I use Blacknight for my web hosting. I am very recently a new customer. I suppose being a ‘non techie’ this was something I didn’t know anything about until very recently. In short, as long as I can see my website – I didn’t need to worry? That was until last June after Bloom when my website appeared with the message ‘SUSPENDESD’ when one tried to see my site – for 6 weeks!

It is only when things go wrong that one really realises how valuable customer response and service is. These guys are genius in that department.

When you wish to register a domain… or check if the name of a website is available and possibly purchase it. These are also the guys. And nice guys. Good at what they do. I like them. Very much.

Outside of that they are 100% Irish owned and are based in Carlow.

This is a real case of you can’t get better than, it is guaranteed Irish and a company very successful at what they do.

I may have missed out on some other products and services they provide, but this is what I use them for.

without blacknight you wouldn't see this!

without blacknight you wouldn't see this!