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The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.

This is piece #8. This is

Surprisingly…. maybe, did win at the Irish Web Awards in 2008 for Best Irish Language website. Very nice. Well deserved. Bulaidh bós.

You can find out more about the team here. I do know Forais Na Gaeilge are involved in the project…. and may I say if you are thinking of doing anything Irish with your company…. they are amazing and great help. Do call them. I did and surprisingly, with their help, I became one of the top 50 companies to operate through use of the Irish language!

More recently, we had Lá na Gaeilge where for one day I and so many others wrote for an entire day, online, through Irish. I even did it on my blog. But I try. I try through Irish. I try without making you have to. I do my bit so to speak. Right down to the very simplest of things. In the Irish Blog Awards the best of Irish blogging even has it’s own category. Check out the finalists here…..

My point is that I am not a fluent Irish speaker. I’m not bad. I need the likes of And as it is a piece of technology that I use it so very easily becomes technology for a gardener #8.


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ewrite…. technology for a gardener #7

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.


This is piece #7. This is eWrite

A little over 1 year ago I had huge problems with my website inc. the costs to update them… in hindsight so rediculous, knowing what I know now. The entire point of this session of articles. Note please, I don’t and haven’t used this product – but it gets notoriety because it could have saved me in more ways than financial [see paragraph 4]. The problem I have, moreso have had, is for example when I go to a mechanic and he tell me something like…

yeah the monkey wrench leaked oil all over the half shafts neutrons and the calibrator and crank house is torn to shreds… we’re gonna have to replace the cd player as well…

It was like that for computers 😆 back to it…. ewrite is 100% Irish owned and run, based in Cork, started in 2000 and I know of no other alterative to it. Genius! I emailed Gordon Murray of ewrite for some ‘info I can understand’ of what and how it all works. Here’s what he said…

eWrite started out developing websites and applications for customers. Along the way we developed some software internally to make our day-to-day jobs of updating customers websites a little easier. Now we sell that software, a content management system called eWrite Lite and an email marketing system called eWrite Messenger.

I’m confused here…. slightly… but here’s where it gets good and here’s why I like it

  • Ewrite Lite allows a business to update their website at any time from any computer connected to the net. Its very easy to use and aimed at non technical people.
  • Ewrite Messenger allows you to import or create email newsletters and send it out to hundreds or thousands of email addresses and track the readers.
  • For new users or existing users that forget what they’re doing, we have tutorial videos to show you how to use the software.
  • You can try out a  free demo of the eWrite Lite which allows you to pull in afew pages from your own website to edit.
  • Theres a demo of eWrite Messenger at  which allows you to send out your newsletter to hundreds of dummy email addresses and check that they’ve arrived.

The beauty about all of this is if you are unsure, slightly confused or just a little stuck… you just pick up the phone and ask for Gordon! It was also reviewed by Damien who put a lot of logic on the matter of its advantages and you can browse through eWrites blog here.

beautiful cork....
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loudervoice… technology for a gardener #6

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.

i_love_loudervoice_130This is piece #6. This is Loudervoice.

In a few words, loudervoice is… it’s slogan is very aptlty ‘your voice – your review’. It is also 100% Irish owned, managed and run. I like guaranteed Irish. I like this product. So much so, I have embedded the logo [left] on the front page of my blog.

I like to review garden ‘stuff’. I’m the only ‘green’ reviewer that I know of. You can see all of my reviews on loudervoice here. I also like if I want to go to a restaurant… it’s all there. Go take a peek…

Funny thing is ‘they’ [the loudervoice crew] don’t really do anything… ish! You do. But for me, in ‘garden’ terms – it means if I visit a park and I like it… people more than normal will hear of the praise – however if there is a park that is lacking a lot – then somebody hears about it – I have I suppose a louder-voice!

From my extensive research… The company that manages & owns loudervoice is Argolon. About loudervoice they say:

In 2006 we also decided to build a new service called LouderVoice which would leverage our expertise. The aim of LouderVoice is to bring consumers and businesses closer together. Our recently launched API enables businesses to embed review display/writing functionality on their own site whilst having all those reviews accessible on LouderVoice too. SMS reviews can also be used as a customer feedback mechanism and we offer a variety of services around these two offerings.

Similar to a lot of techie products I use, the tech-world [hmmm?] is very aware of them but – the people I pal around with wouldn’t. And whilst it has of course been reviewed before I once again get asked why I use this service. The reason why I am reviewing it. The reviewee review the reviewer… ?

The good thing about loudervoice that I like – is that once I’m signed up – I dont need to do anything amazing. As I write my blog posts I add *review* and *rating=5* [or 1-5] in the tagline and it appears on loudervoice. I now with even noticing really have done 33 reviews and I’ve only been a member since August 2008. This will be review 34 😆

do you like it...?
do you like it...?
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polldaddy… technology for a gardener #5

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.

polldaddyThis is piece #5. This is Polldaddy.

Put simply, we know what a poll is. We also know what a survey is… If you have ever been stopped on the street and asked for ‘a few minutes of your time…’ well, how does one make you want to give that time? How do you make it sexy..?

For example…

Polldaddy seems to be is the answer for me. I’m not big on the surveys myself. But short & snappy, tap one button and hey presto – does work.. I used it to great example here for what I called the garden polls…with very varying and interesting results. Worthwhile? me think so…

The beauty about this is.. if you got a few dollars to spare – or you’re like me and you’ll only use it now and again [free] you’re very well looked after. Sihning up is also very easy and simple. All good. They also have a blog… and from that I nabbed this video… really easy peasy 🙂

I spoke to a really nice guy called Donncha about Polldaddy. Donncha told me that although it has been sold on/ bought out…

not only was it Irish owned and one of the success stories of Ireland, but it is still based and operated from Sligo…

Not bad going… here’s what techcrunch say about polldaddy

Location: Co. Sligo, Ireland
Founded: September 1, 2006
Acquired: October 15, 2008 by Automattic

PollDaddy is a service that provides polling widgets for blogs, websites, and social networks. PollDaddy has recently entered a partnership with Piczo to provide poll services to their 30 million users….

So I say well done lads. Great service. Great product and of course there is this…