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Promoting Local – LoveFresh

Are you a local egg supplier in Ballyboughal ? Maybe a parsley grower in Tubbercurry ? Maybe you are are an ethical traveller and looking to eat the most local produce possible ? What if you did and found a cheese producer in Bandon and simply wanted to tell the whole world about them ?

One of the hardest things, even for me living in farmland county nowhere is finding the most locally sourced produce. The fact that it maybe organic or homegrown is [and so it should be] to your preference, but what if you wanted to globally make a difference ?

Someone it seems just has. What if I told you that via technology local could become international….?

Personally, I really enjoyed listening to Mark Spofforth and the story of Lovefresh

Call it what you may – but once again this is the individual doing something for the greater good and promoting what is local rather than what is greater for a promotional body. It is more than that putting the small guy, the local guy live on the map for the entire world to see and that has to be a good thing.

What do you think….?

Contact Mark and his friends at Lovefresh

  • Lovefresh on the web
  • Via Twitter @lovefreshHQ or Mark @MarkSpoff
  • email:
  • telpehone: [0044] 0207 617 7183

I like this bit for producers….

Producers – we connect you with your community! bridges the gap between producer and community by providing producers with some simple, social tools. We will soon be rolling out our Producer specific features;

– ‘Claim’ your location and provide contact details and opening times, which are then viewable in the app. As people travel near you, they will be advised of your location and can contact you with a click.

– ‘Blip’ ‘What’s Fresh’ on a daily basis, to anyone who is local to you.

– ‘Menu’ allows you to maintain a simple 10 item list of what’s good, fresh and in stock.

– ‘Profile’ lets producers curate their favourite photo’s, audio and comments about their business. From within the app. A superbly easy way for you to establish a web presence, with a few clicks.

We want to encourage you to interact with your community. Our goal is to make that very easy for you to do.

We hope you’ll get in touch with us so we can get you involved in and help your business thrive. Contact us here, or e-mail so we can set you up as a Producer Beta Tester – which will give you early access to all features, as we roll them out.

Give us a call if you’d like to chat more.



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murrion… technology for a gardener #10

murrion software
murrion software

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.

This is piece #10. This is Murrion Software.

I’ve met Gordon Murray on numerous occasions. Nice guy. A very smart guy. I like the fella. Gordon was as you may remember one of guys involved in a previously reviewed company called eWrite.

Based in Cork, Gordon took a massive leap and decided to venture out on his own. Maybe that’s youth 😉 but it is also someone with belief in that what it is they do is good enough to earn a living.

Like the logo? – read the story here. Designed at the closest to free gratis possible [via Twitter] by Gary McGinty from Ion Ltd. I think it’s brilliant…. and incredibly smart… you should – the coverage the both of these guys have got… for being nice people…. would make you wonder why people aren’t nice all the time 🙂

i like this....
i like this....

I asked Gordon what Murrion Software does – and I got an answer. However, because of my horticultural qualifications I could never recite this back 😉 In summary [in my words] if one wanted a ‘specific’ programme tailor made for a specific task – you that kind of ‘wouldn’t it be great if we had a thing that could do that…’ kind of a way… [?] This is where you call Gordon. He is the Houdini of all things with a three pin plug.

Check out: a very useful email newsletter statistics reference for businesses sending email marketing campaigns. This application collects email newsletters from businesses around the world and displays summary information such as the most popular days of the week and the most popular hours of the day for sending an email newsletter. Based on the 300 newsletters analysed so far, next time you send out a newsletter, consider sending it on a Tuesday between 4pm and 5pm and watch for improved readership.

AND: its free keywords domain tool which allows a business to be notified by email of any newly expired .ie domain names that are relevant to its businesses keywords.

Go check out Murrion. Have a browse maybe just say hi and wish him all the best. Gordon is also on twitter here.

i'm the one on the right by the way... !
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loudervoice… technology for a gardener #6

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.

i_love_loudervoice_130This is piece #6. This is Loudervoice.

In a few words, loudervoice is… it’s slogan is very aptlty ‘your voice – your review’. It is also 100% Irish owned, managed and run. I like guaranteed Irish. I like this product. So much so, I have embedded the logo [left] on the front page of my blog.

I like to review garden ‘stuff’. I’m the only ‘green’ reviewer that I know of. You can see all of my reviews on loudervoice here. I also like if I want to go to a restaurant… it’s all there. Go take a peek…

Funny thing is ‘they’ [the loudervoice crew] don’t really do anything… ish! You do. But for me, in ‘garden’ terms – it means if I visit a park and I like it… people more than normal will hear of the praise – however if there is a park that is lacking a lot – then somebody hears about it – I have I suppose a louder-voice!

From my extensive research… The company that manages & owns loudervoice is Argolon. About loudervoice they say:

In 2006 we also decided to build a new service called LouderVoice which would leverage our expertise. The aim of LouderVoice is to bring consumers and businesses closer together. Our recently launched API enables businesses to embed review display/writing functionality on their own site whilst having all those reviews accessible on LouderVoice too. SMS reviews can also be used as a customer feedback mechanism and we offer a variety of services around these two offerings.

Similar to a lot of techie products I use, the tech-world [hmmm?] is very aware of them but – the people I pal around with wouldn’t. And whilst it has of course been reviewed before I once again get asked why I use this service. The reason why I am reviewing it. The reviewee review the reviewer… ?

The good thing about loudervoice that I like – is that once I’m signed up – I dont need to do anything amazing. As I write my blog posts I add *review* and *rating=5* [or 1-5] in the tagline and it appears on loudervoice. I now with even noticing really have done 33 reviews and I’ve only been a member since August 2008. This will be review 34 😆

do you like it...?
do you like it...?
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polldaddy… technology for a gardener #5

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.

polldaddyThis is piece #5. This is Polldaddy.

Put simply, we know what a poll is. We also know what a survey is… If you have ever been stopped on the street and asked for ‘a few minutes of your time…’ well, how does one make you want to give that time? How do you make it sexy..?

For example…

Polldaddy seems to be is the answer for me. I’m not big on the surveys myself. But short & snappy, tap one button and hey presto – does work.. I used it to great example here for what I called the garden polls…with very varying and interesting results. Worthwhile? me think so…

The beauty about this is.. if you got a few dollars to spare – or you’re like me and you’ll only use it now and again [free] you’re very well looked after. Sihning up is also very easy and simple. All good. They also have a blog… and from that I nabbed this video… really easy peasy 🙂

I spoke to a really nice guy called Donncha about Polldaddy. Donncha told me that although it has been sold on/ bought out…

not only was it Irish owned and one of the success stories of Ireland, but it is still based and operated from Sligo…

Not bad going… here’s what techcrunch say about polldaddy

Location: Co. Sligo, Ireland
Founded: September 1, 2006
Acquired: October 15, 2008 by Automattic

PollDaddy is a service that provides polling widgets for blogs, websites, and social networks. PollDaddy has recently entered a partnership with Piczo to provide poll services to their 30 million users….

So I say well done lads. Great service. Great product and of course there is this…

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blacknight …technology for a gardener #1

blacknight solutions
blacknight solutions

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.

This is piece #1. First up is Blacknight Solutions.

I use Blacknight for my web hosting. I am very recently a new customer. I suppose being a ‘non techie’ this was something I didn’t know anything about until very recently. In short, as long as I can see my website – I didn’t need to worry? That was until last June after Bloom when my website appeared with the message ‘SUSPENDESD’ when one tried to see my site – for 6 weeks!

It is only when things go wrong that one really realises how valuable customer response and service is. These guys are genius in that department.

When you wish to register a domain… or check if the name of a website is available and possibly purchase it. These are also the guys. And nice guys. Good at what they do. I like them. Very much.

Outside of that they are 100% Irish owned and are based in Carlow.

This is a real case of you can’t get better than, it is guaranteed Irish and a company very successful at what they do.

I may have missed out on some other products and services they provide, but this is what I use them for.

without blacknight you wouldn't see this!
without blacknight you wouldn't see this!