m9, m7, m50, m1, mmmmmm….

I’ve been working near The Curragh recently and my journey is one that sees me up at around 6am each morning. No problemo! A big bowl of porridge, a lovely brew of fresh ground coffee and I’m on my way…

I’m a happy go lucky kind of chappie. I work long hours, but then I prefer to sit next to a tree and wait; rather than get stuck in traffic… that’s my decision and I like it. I really do love what I do.

I know there are road works in place. There always will be. I’m regularly stuck behind ‘the pothole police’ in my home town of Ballyboughal… but I’ve been driving M1 – M50 – M7 – M9 for a while now and it must be said the Dublin road side of things, aestethically, is particularly brutal!! [I had another word in mind there].

The trees in one stretch were absolutely bludgeoned. There are no trees for the most parts. It is so bloody boring, grey, banal… where’s that darned thesaraus when you need it…

So what, for all of the toll charges, road tax, tax on vehicles, on car insurance… i’m mssing a few taxes here aren’t I…? do *we* get in return..? Well, not much really it seems. I did find one piece on the naas road where there were forsythia in flower… but that’ll be gone soon enough. Without using my telescope or seeking the assistance of a fortune teller…. I reckon, if I was in charge of transport – I’d be in big trouble?

If you would like to tell Noel Dempsey, minister for transport, how you feel – you can contact him here

taxing issues in the garden…



This picture [above] was taken at last years bloom in the park and emailed to me by a colleague after the June Bank Holiday weekend – That same colleague emailed me again today with the same title wishing me luck in this years Bloom 2008 with this photograph of myself and our new Taoiseach Brian Cowan….

peter & brian

peter & brian

provisional license holders – save the planet?!!

This week – the irish government copped on with regard to provisional liscense holders in banning almost 450,000 from our roads – good thing – drastic – but good – then sort of changed their mind – until June 2008?!!

Typically irish, but we elected and pay them. This indymedia article probably explains the muppets decision better. Well, me & my mate George [pictured above] found a solution for you Minister Dempsey.

No tax, no insurance, no license, no carbon emissions & even trevor & my friend George have one. One might laugh, but there is a lot more logic in a bicycle. Next up – wind power… hmmm? or have we had enough of that for one week?