more of this sort of thing…

invoke-street-art-barry haugheyinvoke-street-art-barry haugheyinvoke-street-art-barry haughey

In Dublins fair city recently when I spotted these what I can only assume where electrical boxes [i assumed…] … It may be street-land-scaping, it may be considered art – it may also be considered a little prettier than a grey boring box that just got in the way. I say more of this sort of thing… please.

I know grafitti is grafitti and if it causes upset, businesses to lose money – then it is scandalous and vandalous… but like all things there are exceptions to every rule… ?

dublins fair city

dublins fair city

This Irish Times piece does explain indepth so much and that

one person’s “criminal damage” is another’s “masterpiece”

barrys original piece...

barrys original piece...

That said – these were once just a grey box, that simply got in the way… I delved deeper… This is ART!!

It is also the brainchild of TASCQ [traders in the Area Supporting the Cultural Quater Ltd] – basically – the businesses of the Temple Bar area. It wasn’t just one artist – it was a competition… it was called invoke street art.

If you do like what you see on your streets – and equally if you don’t – do let someone know. The businesses [i’m guessing here..] I reckon throw a good few euros into the TASCQ scheme – they’re are making an effort, a good one – and it deserves applause… Well done all.