where have all the jobs gone….?



Have you got a good news, green if possible? If you’re getting window boxes for your office, you’ve moved to a greener place, you bought water butts, you recycle your coffee grinds…… you employed someone to cut the grass??! Let me know…

Here’s why….
In The Sunday Business Post yesterday I spotted a tiny little paragraph [ I have it circled in blue marker in the picture above….? in the top right hand corner…?] It reads

wind company to create 100 jobs
A new wind company in Monaghan is to create 100 jobs through the production of a wind turbine range, which they claim will be half the price of similar turbines on the market. Moffett Wind Power is now taking orders for 100 kilowatt turbines, which are aimed at the domestic, farm and small business market. A range of models from 1.5kw up to 100kw will soon be added to the production line to meet all demands.

On Friday of last week I reported that

Galway based Firm C & F are going to lead the world in wind technology and create 250 jobs [i wonder how front pages that got… darned media]

In other worthy news [that I spotted] Super Valu have agreed a deal to buy an added €500,000 worth of tomatoes from 8 Irish growers known as Quality Green. That’s a whopping €1.6 million euro worth of tomatoes!!!

Maybe I’ve got the maths all wrong here… but thats 350 jobs. Three Hundred and Fifty jobs….. Since Friday. In wind energy alone. Maybe it is simply the case that good news doesn’t deserve applause…?

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net visionary, blog, money… me?!!

a visionary...?

a visionary...?

Not a chance… !

In The Sunday Business Posts Computers In Business magazine, April 5th 2009, a fine article  was written, in which I was quoted… the title of this piece:

Blogging: does it pay?

You can read the full article here. The mentions of me were thus….

Peter Donegan, an avid blogger who runs an award-winning horticultural business, Peter Donegan Landscaping, agreed.

“I think if making money from your blog is important to you, this will show through,” Donegan said. “Once that starts to happen, people will start to see you for what you are, which is a guy looking to make money from blogging.”

and later on in the article….

“I don’t believe I’ve ever made money from blogging,” he said.” For me, blogging is just good fun. It’s something I do in my spare time and I’d be surprised if anyone is making money out of it.”

If the questions were, have I ever made money from writing a weblog… then these were my answers. I had also written a blog post called why [I] bother with a blog…

Whilst I might take the belief that one shouldn’t knock what makes another smile… each to their own… be it writing poetry, gardening, painting etc…. as long as you are happy; then writing and gardening combined is my hobby. It makes me happy. 99.9% of the time I am always extremely happy…..

More recently, unusually possibly, I have been shortlsted for the IIA Net Visionary Awards….. What?!! I imagined 2 guys at a bus stop….

Did you hear Peter Donegan is a visionary

He’s a what….?

Yeah, he’s a net visionary

He’s a what….??

It doesn’t make sense to me at all. I don’t even know how I got there. I have a t-shirt that says on the front…. it’s not the winning that counts it’s the arsing around. I think I’ll wear it tomorrow night when I’m playing guitar at the trad session in the local teach tabhairne 😆

UPDATE: the others short listed nominees in the net visionary best business blogger category are:

int garden festival [2] – the finale?

another garden festival...?

another garden festival...?

Before I go any further, please refer to this article first and it’s comments.

The news is out. Titled Failed garden festival has over €1m debt, Ian Kehoe wrote the facts in yesterdays Sunday Business Post. Ian’s a good guy who tells it well and I’m a SBP fan, as those who read my articles will know.

Like all things in business though, especially anything horticulture related, there is a risk. Here it simply didn’t work out. To those of you in the creditors box I hope it comes good for you, sincerely.

I’ll move on, whatever the reasons, Rosaleen Flanagan tried on the big stage and for this I know and hope she’ll bounce back. I knew what was happening behind the scenes as it happened. Ireland is small and my trade is even smaller.

My only problem regarding the IGF was when ‘a journalist’ from another publication [NOT SBP] called me asking for my thoughts, facts and any other relevant information I had. I was bemused. Unlike the SBP, this publication didn’t publish any article when IGF needed a good write up and some PR fuel, so I was reluctant to give any information to say it was in flames and help it burn down. Especially if my name was only going to appear only as the whipping boy only. It’s unethical, for me.

My conversation on the opening day with Stuart Sharpless, Andy Sturgeon and David Fountain resulted in us all wishing to return as entrants next year rather than as spectators. For this reason I am a little sad. A garden show I liked will not event.

As I said in my last article before you design you must be inspired and the youth in us required for this must be encouraged and an opportunity has passed. One must appreciate garden design in Ireland is like trying to emulate U2, Lizzy and The Boomtown Rats breaking out of Dublin in the early 80’s. It is of course also such a passionate affair and requires a stern love of the game – roll on Bloom 08.

potato famine & water charges on the way?




This weekends Irish Times had two really good articles well worth a visit. The first, EPA cuts state’s emmissions allowance, touched on previously, but now confirmed we are landed with a bill for now over the original estimated €670 milion euro. What to do with such intelligence?

The second based on Dr John Sweeneys report tells us that ‘the growing of potatoes in the east and south of the country could cease by mid-century because of global warming.’ There’s a fair bit of reading in the reports but very worthwhile. By the time some realise that SPUDS ARE NO LONGER FOR SALE after 2057 it maybe too late. Time to stand up & be counted John Gormley. The article is also covered here.

The best until last… Ibec calls for homeowners to be charged water rates WHAT THE ?? again by Nicola Cooke of The Business Post [well done girl]. All I need now is that it’s cheaper to buy water from LIDL than from a [my] country I pay too much tax in already. Nice one Donal Buckley of IBEC. Not to worry, McDonalds has air conditioning, sells spuds and healthy options water.