Robinia Pseudoacacia Frisia


I had an email in today reminding me that October was just around the corner…. And it is. With that comes tree planing season. That said, this photo was taken last week and there is great potential for me to end on an entirely different subject-ish 😉 My idea here is just to get you thinking of what is merely weeks away….  Plan now for when you will essentially be buying a twig, stick or dormant plant and you will reap the rewards.

Imagine if everyone in Ireland planted just one tree how beautiful this country would look….

This however is the Robinia pseudoacacia ‘frisia’.

Leguminosae/ papilionaceae. The Robinia’s are a genus of about 20 deciduous species and grow pretty well in Ireland. ‘The books’ note that it may upset your tummy if you eat any part of the tree. On one hand, who eats trees anyway. On the other, better safe than sorry and I tell you in advance.

To it’s name; Psuedo meaning false, and acacia being an entirely different tree, this is often commonly known as the false acacia or the black locust. It’s attractiveness comes down to its foliage which is almost like the sweet pea or pea’s that I have grown in my garden – but then it is Leguminosae [legume] which is essentially the pea family.

This variety of Robinia can grow up to 50 feet tall. It’s golden foliage turns to a more green in summer and to a more orange in autumn. I love it also for its perfumed [although I can’t smell diddly] white flowers than grow in little hanging clusters or racemes* in summer time.

They also remind me slightly of these Gleditsia – funnily enough, they are commonly referred to as the honey locust. Well, you learn something new every day. Go. Buy. Enjoy. Let me know how you get on.

*raceme: [def] a cluster of flowers along a central stem

small garden… any ideas?

Whether small or large, the size is irrelevant, your garden should still be given the same amount of thought, detail and attention as any other. If you are looking for ideas, you’ve had enough of the January blues and February is the month you really need to make life that little bit brighter… Then here are some ideas to get you in the groove [see the images below]. Believe me a little work now does pay dividends.

Why now – there’s no looking after it really and plants will take this opportunity to settle themselves in their new homes rather than trying to produce foliage/ flower and possibly having a stressful settling in period.

Some of the images naturally required a little more work than others, some you may need a little help to get you out of the starting blocks… others you may be able to do yourself. But if that little bit of inspiration is lacking at the moment and you need to brighten up your day… soon! Simply, step outside, close your eyes and imagine just for a little and smile 🙂

[another] 9 great gifts for a gardener this christmas


For any garden enthusiast you might know here are my suggestions that ARE 1000% better than socks and a CD. If you prefer cooked turkey and a kiss under the mistletoe over a good scrap with the mother in law and some frozen sprouts..? Here’s my thinking cap – put it on this year for God’s sake… and your sake and my sake?!!

  1. The water Butt the cheapest gift of them all – €40 yo-yo’s up front in bin tags and claim it back on your tax
  2. bar-b-ques they’re probably still ‘on sale’ and like the water butts a great one for the DIY-er as s/he must make it themselves.
  3. Right tree for the right place – don’t just get it delivered – get it planted – as Debbie Harry would say ‘call me’.
  4. a little more expensive – the gardeners dream – the camera that ‘will’ last
  5. my books – my reviews – you can’t go wrong with the right book
  6. the logmaker – I’m 32 [not that flippin’ old] my Dad & Grandad had one and now I have one – this one comes delivered brilliant and it might make him a bit teary eyed as well [Jees – don’t throw it at him]
  7. book the garden in for an overhaul, a consultation, a reconstruction or a good once over – something to suit every budget – contact The Donegan Landscape Design office and get a gift voucher 😉
  8. buy the folks an american style postbox they are so very cool -hurry up – i had to get mine online
  9. Botanical Beauties in Trinity College Library [in the long room]- free and only until 23rd December 2008 – the finest collection of ancient botanical books -don’t miss it. Then go for tea in Bewelys on Grafton Street. Grandad will love you. If you buy me a cream cake i’ll go [again] too 🙂