Temple Street, Inis Mór Half Marathon 2013

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April 20th 2013 will be my 3rd year fingers crossed of my running crawling doing the Temple Street Childrens Hospital half marathon. There are of course reasons why Temple Street is very close to my heart, but that may be is a story best told over a cup of coffee.

To my getting there the wee Angels of the Childrens hospital are asking that each runner participant raise €650. As a by the way, last years funds were used to purchase 2 ICU Specification Patient Monitoring Units and here’s what the team wanna do with this years dosh:

This year we are hoping to raise €60,000 to purchase 4 diathermy machines to be used in theatre. These machines are necessary pieces of equipment for the operating theatre and provide optimal support for operative procedures in virtually all medical fields. The diathermy machine is used in theatre and is employed in a controlled manner during surgery to seal small blood vessels by coagulation and to cut through layers of tissue.

In the meantime, I’ve set up a My Charity Page  were you can donate any amount securly online. If however you are feeling a little extra groovy and maybe wanna bigger bang/ some return for your buck ? I’m more than open to any suggestion and my details are below. Try me…. also I make great caffeine and it’s good to talk. 😉

Last year I took The Sodshow microphone and of note maybe its best to suggest you scroll to 21:17 minutes and hear Padraic O’Céadaigh speak a little more indepth and how it all started.

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Image below: Bank of Ireland, Inis Mór.

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Christmas Gifts For A Gardener 2012


It’s getting nearer to Christmas and it’s been a busy lead up. It the midst of it all still rolls on the Irelands only garden radio show and podcast, The sodshow, that I do alongside Niall O’Keeffe. This week, it was a Christmas gifts for the outdoors lover 2012 Special.

Take a listen and enjoy. 🙂

More info links and show notes ~

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The Sodshow Wins Best Irish Podcast 2012

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The Sodshow Garden Podcast – every Friday – in iTunes, all good podcast stores.

Yes as the title suggests folks the garden radio show and podcast I do has been awarded Ireland’s Best Podcast 2012. Imagine that… Peter Donegan ? An award for talking ? About gardens ?? 😉

Anyhow, the words below taken from The Sodshow website explains all a little more indept. In the meantime, thanks for listening.

The kettle is always on if you fancy a mug of decent caffeine and a chat.


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The Garden Group Visits Sonairte

Sonairte is the type of place I like to go as a horticulturist. As a green minded person, it’s also where I go with my daughter, as a Father; horticultural qualifications not worn on my sleeve, on them days.

There’s something periodic table of the elements type simplistic about solar-powered reflector satellite slow cooking, frogs as a method of pest control and bicycle powered electricity. Kermits favourite colour aside, the setting, even when it’s not a glorious day at Sonairte, is absolutely stunning.

If you are looking for comparables, Sonairte Ecology Centre is a little The Centre for Alternative Technology crossed with River Cottage Farm, but yet Irish and still neither of the above. My visit on this occasion was a first for the garden group that I have run for the 3 last years.

The Garden Group in short: There’s no membership, there are no costs and it attracts more non gardeners than botanists. A bit different, you may say. I kind of like it that way, though some say it’s very silly of me. We’ll see… but for the now, it’s all good.

Sonairte may be many things imperfect to some, you’ll understand what I mean if you go there. That, that imperfectness though is allowed at times and here I find it suits this landscape. With your garden in mind, what Sonairte allows you to witness is en mass extremely diverse biodiversity, that in the real world works.

wind turbine

There are elements of Sonairte that also exist in my garden, and vice versa. They are touches that may make my space outdoors appear to some, slightly uncouth maybe, when compared with the ye olde type formal – though they always existed in pre 19th century garden design.

Domestically, garden planning in mind and far more important is that I know it is possible to take a little of the unscrupulous and allow it fit within your space outdoors, for the greater.

From garden feature ideas to growing your own and from the very thought provoking to what maybe, may surprise you to see children smile at, Sonairte really is one of Irelands hidden gems.

On a slight side note, The Sodshow garden radio microphones came along for the garden groups journey and our afternoon out will go to air this Friday and next in 2 parts. There was that much to take in.

A large note of thank you to nice guy and green buddy Trevor Sargent who was our guide for the afternoon. Also to the wonderful volunteers at Sonairte who are and were yet again just lovely. Also and by no means forgetting you who have, may and did come along.

Of Note: The first two images are courtesy genius photographer Jennifer Farley. I highly recommend a browse through her genuinely amazing photographs of the garden groups day out.

The @SodShow meets Trevor Sargent

Dublin’s Only Garden Radio Show. The SodShow – with Peter Donegan & Brian Greene – Every Friday 3pm.

On This Weeks Garden Radio:

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The Sodshow Garden Podcast – every Friday – in iTunes, all good podcast stores.

This weeks guest is Trevor Sargent. The first ever leader of The Green Party, Co-founder of Sonairte Ecology Centre, Former Minister for Food and The Environment and now Author of Trevor’s Kitchen Garden. Breath….. He is also a member of Amnesty International, the Dublin Food Co-op, the Irish Organic Farmers’ and Growers’ Association and The Organic Trust…. to name but a few 😉

Trevor will also be The Garden Groups guide when we visit Sonairte, Sunday July 29th.

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