Repak Recycle Week 2010

Repak Recycling Week kicks off today Monday October 4th with a focus on Recycling in the Office. Last year you may remember I built a garden [of sorts] with Repak to launch the 2009 Repak Recycle Week.

This year, they have chosen a slightly different route and will be teaming up with The SodcastThe loudest gardening podcast in the world – as podcast sponsors for the month of October.

Today I had a chat with Darrell Crowe of Repak to get a little bit more of an insight into just why and what they had done that little bit different this year.

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Jack Charlton

It’s relevance to Donegan [and] Landscaping…. two of them. But you might enjoy the rest of the interview too. I know I did….

A nice light hearted way to start the week…. 😉


The pitch was also absolutely stunning…

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