Landscaping Dublin. Side Garden

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For me the absolute stunner in this space has to be the Fraxinus excelsior better known as the weeping Ash. Brought in with a 30cm girth, those in the know, know, they are far from a tenner down at the local euro saver discount store. But in the sometimes you need to dance in the middle of  your local supermarket for no apparent reason department, may I be allowed to refer to the case of the wedding dress versus those who study economics and accounting.

And in your, or at least in my imagination, you and I both know you look so damn good in that white gown and even though you’ll only wear it for just one day and* even though when noted on some type of economists shareholders report type graph it makes nothing but illogic sense to buy it; In short, sometimes, just sometimes, it makes total sense to forget everything that makes sense on some annual report flow chart, in the real world and just go for broke.

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Landscaping Dublin: Front and Side Garden Beds

landscaping dublin

The following are a series of front and side garden beds that were created around the one house to better enhance its feel, look and appearance…. that sounds like something I just copy and pasted out of some legal firms website I’m sure, but for now I can’t  think of any other way to write that intro line.

Back to landscaping …And though the front driveway has also to serve a very functional role, [without cars in the images below some may look quite spacious], it is a fine example of what one can do to make your home front so much more inviting and welcoming.

landscaping dublin

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Side Garden Ideas: A Fruit Tree Hedge

fruit tree hedge

I’ve already noted the fruit bush hedge, which may be worth a read before you read this; in fact, recommended you go read that and then come back here and read this, in order for this to make sense… if that makes sense 😉

Back over here… Organised but disorganised within, this was prior to an odd little bit of a garden space. Geographically, it lies to the side of the home, as versus the back or front and really, it had become a little of a no mans land that just didn’t sit right in any ones mind. There was a sort of unknown unease being there; a little like Del Boy and Rodney and the time they turned up to that funeral in the Batman and Robin costumes…. God that was funny ! Point taken.

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