Trinity College Dublin, Zoology Museum

trinity college dublin

One might think it funny (maybe ?) that I note Trinity College’s Zoology Museum here, but there is literally so much that this horticulturist takes every time I visit. Regularly done but never noted ’til now. NB: not The Dead Zoo, alias The Natural History Museum.

Before I get there, if you are looking for a slight Dublin City escape, you could do a lot worse than to side exit stage left with your luncheon through the main gates of Trinity and down towards ‘The Pav’. We on this occasion, took the route off College Green through Trinity’s main arched entrance.

Walking through that way – a place I used to go between 2 bus journeys over to see my Grandmother on the Southside of Dublin and later again when I was between 3 much longer bus journeys heading to horticultural college – I get to see the lines and symmetry of the buildings windows; and its in part softened dappling by the now aged trees – that in my eyes, never have they seemed to age. Something that has always amazes and never ceased to make me smile.

trinity college dublin,

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The @ScienceGallery Gift Shop for Christmas Gifts

science gallery gift shop (13)

The thought some people put into their stores, in this case The Science Gallery gift shop, amazes me. In fairness to The Science Gallery though, the same goes for their coffee shop and their exhibitions. As important, it always amazes me, everytime I go in there. I couldn’t but not interview the team behind The Science Gallery gift shop.

The #SodShow Friday 16th December. Dublin Garden Radio Podcast (mp3)

Cue the festive period…. looking for a gift suggestions for the man person who has everything something ? Pressies for the gardener, gifts for the junior outdoors enthusiast, they have it all and I ask them their top 10 gifts for Christmas and why.

Friday 16th of December The Science Gallery Gift shop are our guests on The SodShow…….

If pressies of monetary value are not order of the day, but more the thought that counts….. Personally, I wouldn’t argue with someone bringing me for a tour of their current exhibition Surface Tension and a mugga coffee.

As a by the way they note:

Our shop and café will be open on Friday December 23rd from 8am to 6pm, before Science Gallery closes for Christmas holidays. We will re-open on Tuesday January 3rd 2012, and our current exhibition SURFACE TENSION: THE FUTURE OF WATER will run until January 21st 2012.
Contact Science Gallery
Phone: +353 1 896 4091
Twitter: @ScienceGallery

Surface Tension, The Future of Water @ScienceGallery

How good of an exhibition is Surface Tension – The future of Water ?

I went there Friday [28 oct]. I stayed for 2 hours. I returned there the following day with my daughter. I stayed for two hours. In short. I love it. Highly recommended. A must see. Genius.


What’s funny is that I couldn’t help thinking how if a non-techie head was introduced to this exhibition [?] first as versus SCIENCE…. The wonder of the mind might just could only make them consider pressing the square root button on the calculator to figure out why it happens.

To that, what you realise is, it is the people of the Science Gallery combined with such mind-blowing, well thought and planned gigs that make, yet again, this exhibition so amazing.

Hydrogeny. Water exhibition @sciencegallery (mp3)

On a side note the word exhibition bores me and most green lecture sermons can be repetitively boring. They may be factually correct – but – to really make people think and in the aftermath, far more importantly to have an impact, do they ? Usually not because it is usually the expert talking to the experts about a specific field.

This however is the experts guided by more experts telling the public allowing you and I figure out for ourselves why water is so precious. And for this, Science Gallery deserves a standing ovation.

My advice, if you do go there ?

This isn’t a pipe and slippers exhibition. This is funky geekery at its finest. When you walk in the door ask one of the lovely people who work there to talk you through it. They will. That’s what they are there for. This, is particularly important for when you get upstairs.

If you have never been to the Science Gallery before, the coffee shop does really great coffee and the gift shop is the best I know in Ireland. This is not a compliment – this is a fact. You might also be interested to know that the exhibition is free in but you can make a donation if you wish.

To the staff at the Science Gallery who took the time to talk to me, thank you.

The Sodcast – Episode 11

sodshow, garden podcast

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This Weeks Oddities:

On sale in amsterdam Airport…. and courtesy of Cork man John Peavoy

Courtesy Piaras Kelly:

To celebrate Science Week 2010, Discover Science and Engineering and the Tyndall National Institute, Cork are running a national photographic competition entitled ‘Science Snaps’. The theme for this year’s competition is “The Wonder of Small Science”, which is inspired by the revolutionary science of nanotechnology. The theme should be widely interpreted, inviting submissions that illustrate how small science can have a huge influence on our world, from scientific breakthroughs, action pictures to everyday events, as long as it triggers the imagination and answers the theme of this year’s competition.

Entries can be submitted online at  The closing date for entries is Friday, October 15th 2010.

And Finally:

I was teaching 5 month old Ella about the trees in our garden this week…. but of course I hear you say. But Dad has many talents…. 😉

Science Gallery – Green Machines


Today I visited the Science Gallery for the launch of The Green Machines Exhibition.

Whilst there I met with exhibitions manager and show designer Rob Warren. I spoke to Rob about just what, why and how you as visitor can get the most from kick starting the revolution.

Led by fellow team member Ian Brunswick I was walked through the exhibition and as mindful experiences go… this is up there with the very, very best.

It is mind blowing, engaging, mind challenging, eye opening and yet delightfully refreshing to see.

I absolutely loved it.

My advice. Do visit the coffee shop. Don’t be in a rush. The gift shop, if you could call it that – is an Aladdin’s Cave – so much so I’m going to cover that in a seperate post.  I absolutely loved every second of it. I will go there again.

I could have stayed there all day. I did 2 videos [see below]. Also I’m going to see if I can get the lads on the Sodcast Podcast next Thursday.

View my images of The Science Gallery – Green Machines Exhibition


I liked this:

really makes me wonder what green parties [?] are actually dreaming of…

I loved this:

It comes with the tagline ‘why are computers so hard to take apart…’

Thank you Science Gallery.

Eye opener is an understatement.