maxroam …technology for a gardener #2

maxroam is being used

maxroam is being used

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is here.This is piece #2. The second company is Maxroam.

This is a slightly tougher one for me to explain…

Basically you purchase the sim card. The telephone number related to your sim card however is [if you are Dublin, Ireland] is a 00353 and 01 number. When you travel abroad this has two main benefits [to me]:

  • your roaming rates are reduced by between 70-80%.
  • the person calling you is charged for a call to a Dublin landline telephone number saving 25 – 35 cent per minute

There are other benefits, but one that I have heard of, although for no apparent reason – just not for me, [but why not?] is if you don’t have a landline number for your business, it’s the ideal solution.

What do you do next?

  • buy your sim card online
  • have an unlocked phone
  • buy your call credit online
  • no bills – as such

The big thing I like here is – it is simple[ish] once one gets it set up. But if ‘you’ have problems – well, you kind of can’t – just check out the video guides on their website. If that fails, just pick up the phone.

Add to that a Cork based and Corkman owned Irish Company – and you’ll understand why I love and admire Maxroam so much!

And if you don’t believe me… then ask the U.S. Army

Cork meets the U.S. Army

Cork meets the U.S. Army

simple yet beautiful...

simple yet beautiful...

a business [of landscaping]

Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing – Warren E. Buffett

sometimes we need to slow down...

sometimes we need to slow down...

When I started my business, about eight years ago now, maybe I did it with very different intentions to most. First let me dispell some myths. No business is easy; one that involves perishable goods and is weather dependent even moreso. That said I love what I do!

That aside some say life is good, even though some think very differently. I believe, the way the company was always managed behind the scenes [so to speak] was already very efficient. But could it be more efficient [not miserable!] without affecting in anyway quality and without having to increase costs.

Firstly, one should slow down, take a step outside and look down from above at what is actually happening when the business is running. These figures were already produced as part of the quality programme so I didn’t have much work to do here!

planning is everything...

planning is everything...

Insurance: this is the big one! it doesn’t affect our service as long as the small print is the same. We chose to go with Damien Foran and his company Arachas Insurances. They reduced our employers & public liability by €500 and our vehicle insurance by €1,300. Not bad.

heating & electricity: we use a timber wood burner [& timber that could have gone to skip] to heat the office orientation is south facing. Throw in energy saving light bulbs just in case. That doesn’t include not having to pay for radiators and associated plumbing costs. Estimated saving €900.



banking: we don’t write cheques, taxable at 40 cent [last year we wrote 320]; banking charges are negotiated/ are a set price and everything is done online. It’s so much more time efficient. From staff time/ cost and driving/ fuel etc. it can all now be done online. estimated saving €360

printing & postage: almost all done online now, including invoices. next up is the elimination of the facsilile machine. Again there’s no pint in driving 20 km to buy paper thats 1 cent cheaper, when it can be emailed. We haven’t bought letter headed paper this year and last year spent €320 on stamps, never mind envelopes and the time spent licking them! estimated saving €600

suppliers: about 15 companies I deal with are within a 5 mile radius. Fresh coffee is always on!

Why pay a dollar for a bookmark? Why not use the dollar for a bookmark? – steven spielberg

So there’s the obvious things I did to make life a lot more simple less complex. After that; it’s a little thinking outside the box ieg. all our office furniture is’recycled’; I use people like Ciara Feeley where necessary and I don’t pay plumbers for an outdoor tap when it’s not necessary.

If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito – Anita Roddick

good gardens, good planning

garden planning and tree planting

garden planning and tree planting

If one is thinking of where to start in a garden… at the top is usually a good place! In good gardens, good planning is everything. One can have anything they want and at anytime, but, when it comes to working with the seasons this is where one gets the most from their budget.

As I have said so many times, its not what you have – it’s what you do with it.

To analagise, one does not decide to buy Christmas presents on Christmas day. With regard to tree planting and garden planning – if this is something you could consider – one should begin that process now. The tree season of better value is almost upon us. Approximately eight weeks away and the greatest gardens are always made with great planning.

As a rule of thumb of when to plant bare roots and root balls its when the trees lose their leaves and go into a wintering state. But first of course we’ve got beautiful autumn to come when all the leaves are brown…

Recharge your phone – green energy style

recharge your phone the alternate wayI was away recently in cork and it seems i lost my phone charger. I’ve only got one. Not anymore. [Think quickly peter people want to talk to you!]. So, I thought of this [picture left]. Mind mind was still puzzled… I recharge a thing to recharge a thing…. slightly rhetoric and I’m supposed to be a big green giant?!

It is thinking outside the box. And I must say I was quite chuffed! But if I can have running hot water all day free from the panels on my roof, surely to God I can recharge a telephone!

I needed to go one better and i did… now I’m really proud. In conversation last week I commented to a caller that I also had solar powered plants in my garden….

solar power recharge your mobile phone

save a tree… recycle an envelope

I was looking at ways of making office life a little ‘greener’ recently and one monthly meet suggestion was to recycle our envelopes. A Forais na Gaeilge translation later, being that we are Barr 50 and we [sara] came up with this green – irish sticker.




At present we heat the office from recycled timber and compressed paper, mulch our coffee grinds and tea bags etc… as much as we can [another blog required I think…]. But is this something more of us should be doing more of ??

Next on the list is decomissioning that darned facsimile machine!