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Sorrel – Rumex acetosa


Not to be confused with the common dock, also Rumex, which may cause mild stomach upset if ingested.

To the sorrel, I simply love it. It is one of the greatest plants I have ever invested money in. And one of the easiest plants one could ever grow in terms of culinary and kitchen salad plants.It also just keeps coming up year after year and all you have to do is pull its leaves off and eat them.

I didn’t grow these ones from seed, although I have sown some recently. I just bought them as established plants. Recommended propagation is suggested by root division [yeah right….] and and there really isn’t a whole lot to it after that.

My advice buy three of them. Once planted they are there for life. Extremely resiliant, tough and well able for the Irish weather.

They are great for salads and although it is recommended for soups I have never used it for that. I like to grab a big handful of the stuff, stems included, fine chop it and toss it in with whatever else is available in the garden. That said my good photographer friend Tommy Lehane tells me that sorrel soup is made as follows

Good chicken stock + a potatoe + small amount of cream/butter to finish. Drizzle with truffle oil … yum!

There is no point, in this case, in me talking about it being of polygonaceae etc… as the Rumex is a genus of about 200 species and all we are interested in, really, in this case, is the common sorrel.