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Repak Recycle Week 2010

Repak Recycling Week kicks off today Monday October 4th with a focus on Recycling in the Office. Last year you may remember I built a garden [of sorts] with Repak to launch the 2009 Repak Recycle Week.

This year, they have chosen a slightly different route and will be teaming up with The SodcastThe loudest gardening podcast in the world – as podcast sponsors for the month of October.

Today I had a chat with Darrell Crowe of Repak to get a little bit more of an insight into just why and what they had done that little bit different this year.

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building repak recycle week 09


Its a little of a crazy one when given a one day build time for any garden… everything must go perfectly according to plan… 

Unknows to most preparation for this garden started about 7 weeks ago. 

‘The greenhouse effect’ was intended to be a full and proper garden but as things do change… the ‘fail to prepare’ cliché definitely lent itself to this one. Once again it is only by working alongside such amaing people that everything runs so smoothly and it [some may say 😉 ] appears to be so easily done.

There are people involved in this short time frame build who where given literally hours notice, there are those who would have been on the phone to me on their weekends and/ or well into the wee hours of the night. In fact there was at one point 2 wheelie bins being cut up at approximately 11pm at night… once again at an hours notice [thanks John 😉 ] To those who did make life that little more enjoyable rather than work stressful. Thank you. It is also because of you that I love so very much what it is I do. 🙂

For more information on repak recycle week 2009 visit www.recycle


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“green house effect” launches recycling awareness campaign

Official Press Release
Repak Recycling Week launched with Dunnes Stores “Green House Effect” Installation. • Week theme is “Recycle More and Recycle Better”. • Repak target 18,000 tonnes of used packaging or 1.6 million green bin collections over the month of October. • New Website launched. • 8th Annual Repak Recycling Awards take place Thursday 15th of October. • “Recycling Moments” Photo Competition Launched.
peter donegan & pippa o connor
peter donegan & pippa o connor

Irish Garden Designer Peter Donegan is helping launch this year’s Repak Recycling Week with a window display in Dunnes Stores on Georges Street, Dublin. The week long awareness campaign takes from the 12th-18th of October and features a series of initiatives to get the Irish public recycling better than ever.

The window display titled “Green House Effect” shows how recycling can impact on the environment and features a full size glass house with polystyrene flowers and trees, along with packaging elements that are traditionally not fully recycled. This focus of this year’s campaign “Recycle More – Recycle Better” is designed to educate people about the need to recycle from more rooms in the house and to properly clean out their recyclables. In addition materials that are not cleaned out could contaminate other recyclables making them difficult and more costly to recycle. Finally over 30% of a recycling/green bin’s capacity is being lost by people not squashing and compressing their recycling material.

This year the organization is hoping to reach a target of 18,000 tonnes of domestic used packaging for recycling or 1.6 million green bins over the month of October. This equates to a request that every household with green bins recycles on average 1.5 green bins or:
• 10 glass bottles
• 34 plastic bottles
• 5 beverage cartons and the equivalent of 63 cereal boxes
• 7 steel food cans and 9 aluminum cans

Dr. Andrew Hetherington, CEO Repak commenting on this campaign said “Ireland has done tremendously well in packaging recycling to date. Small changes in what and how people recycle can now make a big difference. Over 20,000 tonnes of waste put into green bins annually should not be there ranging from clothes to garden waste. The key to continuing the momentum of successful recycling in Ireland is the quality of materials. The higher grade the recyclables coupled with digging deeper into the household bin will help Ireland achieve higher packaging recycling targets.”

peter donegan with pippa o'connor

Over the course of the week Repak will also:
• Launch a new consumer focused website featuring multimedia and social media photos, videos, hints, tricks, posters, blog posts and tips for recycling in the Home, Office and School.
• Distribute posters and leaflets detailing common packaging items (often forgotten) that can be recycled to local libraries and colleges running recycling events.
• Produced and distribute leaflets in conjunction with Local Authorities and private contractors to educate people on how to recycle more and recycle better through their existing green bins.
• Feature new videos, pictures, competitions on Bebo, Facebook, YouTube, and updates on Twitter.
• Launch of “Recycling Moments” photo competition. Public invited to email colourful photos showing recycling to Photos will be uploaded to and winners announced on
• Announce the winners of the 8th Annual Repak Awards which takes place on Thursday the 15th of October in Croke Park, Dublin. The lunchtime awards recognise the efforts and ingenuity of its Industry Members, Local Authorities and Collectors in the area of packaging prevention, reuse and recycling.
• Major radio and on line advertising awareness campaign.
• Organise schools colouring competition and class activity program for the week.

The “Green House Effect” display features a full size glass house with specific items of packaging to highlight their recyclability. The material includes plastic wrap, aluminum take away trays, pizza boxes and steel food cans.

Dunnes Stores are long standing members of Repak contributing towards the recovery and recycling of the packaging they supply to their customers. Through participating members, Repak last year raised €29.5 million in Packaging levies to support packaging recycling in Ireland. The total amount recovered/recycled in 2008 was 713,000 tonnes up 9.5% from the previous year.

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repak recycle week 2009….

recycle more....
recycle more....

I  disappeared for the last couple of days…. the main reason was that I was creating a garden [of sorts 😉 ] for Repak Recycle Week.

The official launch is tomorrow [wednesday 7th October ’09] at 9.30am. That said there’s also an evening session kicking off between 6 & 7 pm in The Library Bar [in the Central Hotel] [opposite dunnes stores] on Exchequer Street [ just off Georges Street] where some of the social meeja will convene for a few drinks. If you’re around the area pop your head in and say hi…. 🙂

If you can’t make it, you can always pop along and see whats been done in the front window of Dunnes Stores on Exchequer Street. if I don’t see you tomorrow night I’ll explain more in another blog post… 😉  

exchequer street...
exchequer street...
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