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Roses And Frank Foley [part 2]

On Saturday February 12th I met with Frank Foley.

Although published first, this is part 2 of the interview. You can listen to part 1 of the interview Frank Foley. Horticulturist. Legend. Part 1

A legend of the Irish horticultural scene and an accredited rose judge, I spoke with Frank about everything to do with roses. From the setting up of the rose garden in St Annes Park in Raheny to the judging of roses and just what it takes to have a rose named after you. From the growing of roses to just about anything else you can think of.

Brilliant. Genius. And for this gardener, an absolute honour.

I really should have published tomorrows story today as tommows chat is more about Frank and his journey in gardening. But, it being Valentines day today I decided to publish part 2 of my chat first.

Many thanks to Clontarf Gardening Society for the introduction to Frank and to Frank for taking the time to chat with me. It was an absolute honour.

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richard fitzgerald – thursday garden guest #6

If you would like to know more about the thursday garden guest the pr sessions –¬† click here.

For the moment writer #6 is Richard Fitzgerald of Cybercom

stephen & richard
stephen & richard


Richard Fitzgerald is 25 years old and works for Cybercom, a digital marketing company where he is an account executive… Not too much is know about Richard after this apart from the fact that he blogs under fitzycloud and at this moment in time he is [really] climbing Mount Everest with Stephen Murphy at this moment in time…. and has absolutely no interest in hugging trees ūüėÜ


This is hard. My first instinct when asked to¬†blog post¬†on¬†gardening¬†this was to get on to some gardening sites and ‘adapt’ the information. I just know nothing about gardening. I don’t know the difference between all the trees, flowers, shrubs, plants – not even growing there with landscape gardening terms (I’m assuming there’s a¬†hole lingo). But I’m not a gardnerphobe. I appreciate the skill, the craft. I understand that it requires dedication, expertise. I like how it relates to nature, the earth. One day I would like my own garden. But not now.

I blog about brands. So I’m going to gardenblog very loosely about a type of flower (a common one). I’m going to blog about Cadbury’s Roses. Is there a connection between the chocolates and the flowers?¬†Appropriately (luckily for me), Cadbury Roses were conceived in 1938 in Cadbury Bourneville which was renowned as “a factory in a garden”*, and Roses were popular then, hence the name for the distinctive assortment.¬†That’s the only connection.

Cadburys Roses have had two famous TV campaigns. The 1964 ad which ran with the slogan ‘Roses Grow on You’, and the 1979 ad with “Say ‘Thank You’ with Cadbury Roses”. The latter ran in to the 1990’s with many popular versions.

What next for Cadburys Roses advertising? No idea. I would associate them strongly with Christmas time, a big tub of Roses¬†has become¬†part and parcel of¬†Christmas decorations. But, every year there seems to be changes made to the selection. Would the brand embrace the digital age of advertising by having an online vote of which ‘Rose’ to evict (Big Brother style). Users could campaign to save their favourite ‘Rose’ with Facebook groups and the like. Cadbury’s products have done some good stuff online. Dairy Milk and Cream Egg spring to mind. Maybe Cadburys Roses deserve some digital love? Or maybe, the brand should return to it’s routes, and build on the vague association between Gardening and Cadburys Roses?

Cadbury's Roses Thank You