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Landscaping, Dublin: The First New Lawn of 2013

roll out lawn

In the rolled lawn department, there is something almost television programme-like that I love about a client going out in the morning and returning home that evening to this, above.

Why I love doing it so much, maybe is down to the fact that domestically it can be laid within a day or so. That and it just looks so damn good, like you could nearly eat it. More than that, is that tv moment when they, the client, pop their head around the corner and you get that smile;

It’s a little-esque like when wee 3 year old Ella eats all her dinner and Dad gives her that you done good nod. And she knows… if ye get me. On a serious note, it is [and I’ve said it before here] a wonderful feeling to create something for somebody else for my job and to see them happy-er because of it. Reason numero uno why I love what I do. Even when it is not sunny. 😉

*note: the sound in the video is a bit rubbish due to the Irish winds. I might suggest you scroll to 40 seconds and play it from there to get the reverse view. 

Back to it, I ran through 3 steak knives doing this lawn and unless someone invents a better alternate the Donegan clan may soon end up using that set of chop sticks I found years ago when I used to garden and live in Abderdeen [Scotland]. I don’t know why I kept them.

What was attention to detail about laying this one was that as you look at the image above all of the turves run left to right. All of them. And in linear metre terms, that is a lot of patience to be perfect cutting both sides of a rough finish edged cobble. In context, should it have been your usual domestic back garden measuring 8 x 10 approximate metres and a proper rectangle, it would have been complete within half the allocated timing.

The garden above, beforehand as a by the way used to look like so…

garden makeover, soil works

Of interest maybe is that I allowed the soil below the rolled lawn raise ever so slightly falling either side. It should aid slightly when it comes to moss and potential sodden lawns that have resulted from excess rainfall levels of recent.

*of note: this garden was done about 3 weeks ago, but I literally have not had the time indoors to sit down and post it here.
also of note: me and this garden have history

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