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David Rodgers of Rodgers Potato Growers

My interview with David will aired on The SodShow this Friday 11th November.

The #SodShow. Friday 11th November. Irish Garden Radio & Podcast (mp3)

On Wednesday 9th I made my way to the Rodgers potato yard to meet and interview David Rodgers. David’s Dad, Joe Rodgers is the gentleman and the name that appears on the many bags of poatoes sold all over the country of Ireland.

With audio sometimes it’s a good thing to help paint the surrounds in which our conversation took place and just what will create a certain amount of ambient noise in the background on Friday’s on air interview.

There are also these images….. if you have never seen it before, take a closer look and see just how tall the crates are stacked !

To give you a taster, this was just one field of the Rodgers rooster’s that I did a short video of back in July 2011.

For the home or more domestic potato grower there are some topics that have been covered on The SodShow previously. That said I still wanted to personally hear and highly recommend David’s thoughts on chitting, cropping, flowering and his advice for the grow your own potato folk.

The following are those parts of the interview and also them that will not air on Fridays show.

Potato Growing Advice (mp3)