pest clear 2000

the kinder pest clear-er

the kinder pest clear-er

it is the time of year where little crawling friends will seek shelter from the storm. And once they are in there’s the old trap routine or there’s this fella. Its called pestclear 2000. The packaging tells me it’s sold over 1 million [since 1998].

It costs €40. I got mine from my good friends in Fingal Farm supplies. I’m told by more than one source it works superb and so far I’m free of the ‘guaranteed to make a big girl scream’ type fellow.

It gives off a ‘piercing noise which can only be heard by mice, rats and insects’ and frightens them away. If they are already inside it makes their nesting place ‘uncomfortable – thus drives them out of the house’

like an ambi-pure without the scent...

Remember: on the side of it there’s two switches; tur the first to ‘const’ which leaves it always on and the second to ‘ultrasonc’ if you wish to deter mice etc. Of course if you have gerbals you’ve got a slight problem… ?

What else do you need to do? Just plug it in and you’re done 🙂 To be honest I dont like the old traps. I feel guilty using them…. ?!!

archbishop ryan park… ?

The park was purchased from the Pembroke Estate by the Roman Catholic Church in 1930 for 100,000 as a site for a cathedral. However, this project never materialised and in 1974 the then Archbishop, Dermot Ryan, transferred the 4.75 hectares (11.7 acres) to Dublin Corporation for use a public park.

alias merrion square park

alias merrion square park

Merrion Square Park is really cool. I love it. It’s only recently, since we have undertaken some projects in Dublin City Centre that I have started to frequent it. I should do it more often…. With my flask of coffee and a good book – it is absolutely amazing what is sitting right on our doorsteps. One will always hear people complain about ‘we never get’ and ‘the government should give us this’…. the reality when I was growing up was, that’s what parks were there for – and we made our own fun. In that context, [we] the taxpayer pays for this. I was in lunchtime on Thursday. It was about one o’ clock. How many people did I see….? I’d say about five or six, maximum. The art inside the park is brilliant; the buildings surrounding housed so many amazing Irish people – check it out!; I love kicking autumn leaves on the ground; the sign on the gate is cool and the people are sooooo relaxed inside. It even has a playground. Go there, love it and enjoy it!