oh brother, where art thou?

...all I have left are my memories

...all I have left are my memories

I did write about it. But when I went via Damien’s Blog, the daily fluffy’s showed a constant stream of people around the world wanting our brother back?

So why is the news hitting the Donegan Landscaping pages. For a second – my writings here are of those related to landscaping. It maybe slightly removed from nature the odd time… but you’ll find it is related. But this one just got personal. Very personal. memories and my pictures memories and my pictures

My Brother, Rick, looked out for me. He stood up for me. He was there when I needed him. That may have been when I almost knocked over his turn tables, but he was there. It may have been when I needed him to write an article on gardening. But Rick went one stage further. When I needed him most. With less than 48 hours to spare and when everyone was laughing. He and his team made it happen and I for one weekend turned from laugh-at-the-geek-freak to rockstar. It was of course my pink boat story.

But it goes even further than that. It is when that someone says they love you or you fight for the first time; it is when someone drives over your daffodils or someone gives you roses; it is that feeling that you can’t explain… it is those words that mean so much that make that song personal to you; that, that makes you cry at your office desk for apparently no reason. As the song says ‘it’s only words’ – but when someone takes those away we are left with meaningless music. Like a garden with no flowers. It becomes less meaningful.

So what happened. To quote Damien Mulley:

2FM made a very silly decision to take an axe to Rick O’Shea’s afternoon show along with the shows of Nikki Hayes and Will Leahy. Rick’s show was a modern radio show, meaning it was interactive, it was guided by pop culture and whatever zeitgeist was happening, it read texts out, it got people to do funny things, it spread the 2FM wings out from radios and into the general populace and the ratings showed it was working quite well. 

And now the personality and the soul of it has died. The music lives on but nobody wants just music anymore, as someone said, our iPods will do that for us, we’re much better at being our personal DJs.

Am I the only one – well aparently not: there’s maxi, cupid, boughal, shadows at sunset, tales from west cork, cackaloo, lecraic, anthony, mulley, golez, una rocks, tribune, darragh, una and the irish times… It is now known as ‘rickgate‘.

...but no voice

...but no voice

What can you do? Email and tell them. You pay their wages. Ask Pat Kenny to do nothing for 3 hours and play music… not a bad idea, now that I think of it. We pay the wages. Do it RTE. And while we’re making the decisions ’round these parts give me back my brother… For the moment I guess I am [one of many] a man of costant sorrow… Oh brother, where art thou?

Rick… thursday garden guest #6



If you’d like to know more about Thursday garden guest time – click here

For the moment writer #6 is Rick O’Shea. Everyone knows him as the man on 2fm that helps get us through the afternoon slumps. Without Rick’s help I’d have been giving someone a big pink Christmas present, luckily through his call across the airwaves we managed to find it a new home. Nuff said, ladies and gents I give you Rick O’Shea…

It was more than strange when Peter asked me if I’d write a guest post about gardening. To be honest my experience is practically zero, my hatred of the lawnmower practically legendary and I’ve destroyed one garden through incompetence in my time so my initial reaction was “I dunno about that dude….” But my other, contrary, voice in my head (there are many) said “Sure give it a shot, it’ll be a challenge” and when I came to write this it turned out to not be that hard.

I have a genuine love of gardens themselves, you see. I’ve spent more than my fair share of time idling away in summer and winter in places like the National Botanic Gardens out in Glasnevin, the Powerscourt Estate, Avondale and not just for the constitutional walks. When I’m allowed, the garden is one of the first places I nose around in when I’m in someones house for the first time. And by nose I mean just that, I smell, touch, root around in. I don’t have my own however and have had very few to call my own over the years.

I’ve moved around a lot since I left home first, so I was never given the time to grow green fingers. The exception was one time I was living in Killiney and I planted a tree I was given out in the highly manicured, fashionable and low maintenance tiny back garden of a house I was renting, I wonder if they ever noticed it when I was gone? I hope they let it be…

I lived in a house up until a year ago that had the most glorious of gardens to be discovered. When we were shown it first by the landlord the back garden looked small, no bigger than ten feet by thirty and hedged in on all sides. It was only when we walked out through the tiny gap on one side that we realised it swept on to a further garden with a path down the centre easily 5 times the size of the first one. A garden with hedges, bushes, flowers, even a compost heap! It was somewhere where that first summer meals were had in the broad evening sunshine, kids played, footballs roamed free and once or twice blankets were laid down and naps had.

I genuinely loved that garden even with the demands it put on me, ones I eventually fell behind on and had to get a professional in to look at before I destroyed it for good…

Someday I’d like to have somewhere to tend, a little patch I won’t move from where I can spend days getting dirty and on my knees begging things to work that may not first time but will on the tenth, twelfth, twentieth go.

That won’t happen yet, but someday.

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nice decks...

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Of course the last time I was on the radio was with Rick, but then I was giving something [little] away!

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