Hens: Diana Missing


For those that don’t know. I have had 4 hens called The Supremes. Diana obviously [pictured above], Jean, Cindy and Mary.

I was intending to put a post out about Diana. She’d been brooding for some while on an estimated 20 eggs and would not get off them. 3-5 days later I had to make a decision. The problem is the eggs kind of slow cook and one simply can’t eat them. The other problem is she hadn’t been eating.

These is the footage [streamed lived] just after my first attempt to move her. As you will see I was unsuccessful.

I eventually did move her but, I knew she wasn’t happy. When later I let Diana and The Supremes out for a walk, she just stayed on her own. These scenes show the last recorded sighting of Diana…

Yesterday evening I notified Ballyboughal’s twitter account. But with only 5 people in Ballyboughal on twitter, it was always going to be a tough ask.


Add to that the fact that, the only blog in the village, was down.

There are reports of one or two young ladies a little upset over the matter. The local ladies [Moms] did go out for a walk as soon as the news broke and searched literally high and low. As of today Diana still has not been found.

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qik… technology for a gardener #3

you should...

you should...

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.

This is piece #3. This is Qik.

This is a toughie to explain. I find. For me. It’s not Irish. But there is no alternative. And it is absolutely amazing.


before I go any further. Please contact your phone company. In Ireland mine is O2 for example. You need a data package. I have the ‘1 meg’ data package. It costs about €15 per month. IF YOU DON’T sign up – do expect to remortgage the house…..

That out of the way. This is where the very intelligent people in QiK turn into amazing – It’s made simple. In every way. Its simple to sign-up – even for me 😆 You click on the website – a little box appears – pick a username, password and fill in your email address. You’ll then get a text to your phone with step by step instructions and after that you are just about done… *if* you do have any trouble – you email – it is answered. Genius 🙂

So what is Qik? So why do I use it? A gardener. A greenie. A green fingers etc… ?

It’s quite simple. You know when you need to explain something and one photograph just won’t do it? Qik allows one to video it – with a twist. That is, those watching can ask questions at the same time as you you ‘record’ – from their computer – which appears as question on your telephone screen.

Not the greatest example but, here’s one I did last year on growing in seed trays… I may not have had the greatest audience but the point is that – I did allow interaction with people – rather than ‘preach’ from a pre-recorded video….

Gardening aside – the finest example I used Qik for was when at a wedding – my brother in law was stuck in Dusseldorf airport and couldn’t get to the wedding on time because of airport strikes [Irish strikes for the record].

Naturally distraught – he called me – I told him to get to a computer in the airport [you know the pay per 30 min ones]. He did and I live streamed the couple to him saying they’d see him soon… and Phil typing in messages for me to read out….

The other great thing – no uploading to a blog post or an email – it’s already there. You just send the link or embed.

Anyhow – it is another amazing piece of technology that – makes life less complex… Thats said since I changed my phone grrrrrrrr 🙄 I have not been able to use Qik [click here for explanation] – but i’ll solve that one soon enough..

technology for a gardener…

...are we?

...are we?

I’ve been brewing on this one for a while. I know a lot of ‘techies’. But, like me, when talking in latin ie. plant language [my equivalent] – sometimes one can get lost in the midst of conversations and to the point of no return.

My task is to take ten technology related companies and with the help of the brains behind the operation

  • explain how your product/ service works technically
  • explain how it would benefit a non techie/ greenfingers

Where I can I will suggest

  • products/ services I use or haved used
  • in my everyday life where possible
  • Irish companies unless there is no equivalent

My reasons for this… I guess I had some bad luck in techie terms. At one point last year my website even died for 6 weeks and came up with the message ‘website suspended’ 🙄 the weekend bloom opened. Since then I have learned so much, I have met so many amazing people and I have come a long way in terms of what I might consider my now, second hobby.

No matter which way I look at it technology like nature should be embraced. It is a part of modern life and is often necessary to get those creative juices flowing.

I’ll publish one per week every thursday Monday. I’ll also put the directory of articles/ companies on this page. In the meantime enjoy the video… see if you can spot a techie you know 😆

  1. blacknight – read the article here
  2. maxroam – read the article here
  3. – read the article here
  4. twitter – read the article here
  5. polldaddy – read the article here
  6. loudervoice – read the article here
  7. eWrite – read the article here
  8. – read the article here
  9. silicon republic – read the article here
  10. murrion software – read the article here

the n95 – is the [i]phone for gardeners ?



First up – I’m not a computer techie genius. I studied horticulture for four years. Computer stuff so to speak is a past-time. Secondly. Of things that may fall out of ones pockets, fall into puddles, get rained upon etc… my gadgets need to be tolerant of my lifestyle. See this post on my camera 🙂

I had a Nokia N95. But I was given/ got an iphone. A new phone. I know some may say it is the best thing since roll out turf and I will not disagree with anyones review of what I am sure is an amazing piece of technology. But, I am constantly asked my thoughts on it, how I find it and if for me it works.

Whats this got ot do with the great outdoors I hear you say? Quite simply, I wanted to text a client a pic of a plant recently to say Eureka! I found ‘the one’. But, I couldn’t. It is therefore relevant to the business of landscaping. It needs to be reviewed.

The iPhone:

  • the battery life wont usually get me through a day
  • it is a little more fragile
  • the camera is 1 megapixel – very poor
  • one cant text a photograph
  • one cant recieve a photo in a text
  • i dont want email to my phone
  • i cant use qik on it [one can but you need to be a gifted techie]
  • i can’t use another sim card in it if i go abroad [see above]

This is why I will revert back to my old reliable Nokia N95.

  • it has a decent battery
  • its hardy-er
  • the camera is 5 megapixel [it even does black and white]
  • i can take a pic and text it to my mam
  • she can send me one back
  • i dont have email on it – i dont want it
  • qik was downloaded instantly

what do you think?

jackie…. thursday garden guest #9

If you’d like to know more about Thursday garden guest time – click here

For the moment, garden guest #9 is Jackie Danicki. If you know a little more about computers than I do anything about technology, then you will probably know this lady as part of the team. My intro to Jackie came through this [and the good old Irish style of my mate knows her so she’s cool] and when I had trouble working my abacus phone – a lady appeared – and ensured I was guided through my paces. Everyone I know speaks extremely highly of her and through no sense of an inferiority complex I can only raise my had and admit to being a great admirer of the individual, genius, generous and caring mind that is Jackie. Ladies and gentleman all rise and applaud boisterously for the legend that is….

The Garden – What I like about….

beauty is...

beauty is...

Some gardens are exquisite, some are ratty, and some are a bit of both. Spend enough good times in a garden like this and the charms of perfection will be lost on you.

A close friend holds the deed to one such space, in Chelsea, London. More often than not, the grass is a little longer than it should be. Occasionally, the vines get somewhat out of control. There is no real landscaping to speak of, just haphazard beauty which would regard symmetry as offensive.

a garden...?

a garden...?

My friend and I worked on a business together a few years back, and we spent many hours working at a mosaic tiled table in that garden. At night, we’d have other friends come over for supper and drinks al fresco, with the hardcore contingent lasting until morning light. Eventually, heat lamps were bought so that we wouldn’t have to head indoors at all.

Over the years, that garden saw a lot of action. I fell in love under the heat lamp, had huge rows across the table, and closed more than one business deal in that tall grass. And this was only one night! No amount of landscaping could have improved upon what was already the ideal backdrop for an indulgent, productive, massively influential period of my life. Sorry, Peter – sometimes there’s no work for you to be done. 🙂

...with friends

...with friends