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Pumpkin Growing

pumpkin female flower (1)

The video and images show in good detail the difference between the male and the female flower of the Jack O’ Lantern pumpkin plant. Much easier in my opinion to differentiate when the plants are seen en mass as versus the few I and you may grow in the garden.

From a seasonal and comparative perspective it may be worthwhile noting the video, photos and audio were recorded 13th August and now you know how I spend my Saturdays, when I’m not in a garden.

That said and as attractive as the crop looks and not to dissuade you from giving it a go, this audio tells a very different story to pumpkin plant growing when not entirely for fun… and is a nice insight into the crop when grown on a large scale and semi-commercially.

A Pumpkin Farm (mp3)

What I would say personally and from experience is that pumpkins are great fun to grow, partly as we know from such a young age what the unusual fruit should look like and from this gardeners perspective it is when others see the plant and my almost empathising with their anticipation of what is to come that I really enjoy.

Once again gardening is all about having a go and you can start growing yours as simply as on a window ledge next year in an old yogurt pot and transfer out once the seeds goes about two weeks past germination. Just make sure you have enough space prepared outside in advance for them and sow about five or six seeds just in case one or two fail.

This post from 2008 is more specifically on growing pumpkins from seed

Let me know how you get on. As always I’m here if and/ or when you need me

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