dear mr. [taxman] brian lenihen….

it would make you wonder...

it would make you wonder...

Dear Mr. taxman Lenihen,
I’m 32 years old and I own a landscape design [etc] company. I have been in business eight years now. To the point, may I ask what have you ever done in return for all the money you have, taken sequestered maybe, from me? You are always paid on time; You never give me discount; You never say thank you; You’ve never even sent me a Christmas card.

I work very hard. I’ve never taken stress leave. I may close down if I did. If I were to close down and start back up again – I may get grants. In fact, if I were to close down and sign on – I [theoretically and no offence anyone] would get a Christmas bonus.

The funny thing is if I were to waste your money doing your garden – you can choose not to pay me… and when I don’t have enough money I close down. However, if you waste my [taxpayers that is] money… you still get paid and then you ask, no take more increase taxation again… it’s not really very fair put in that context? But then who am I… ?

Yours Sincerley,
Peter Donegan

ps: if you do need your garden done please call 01-8078712. If you ring from your office, I’ll cover the cost of the phonecall.

the day I met President Mary…

Peter, Martin and Mary

Peter, Martin and Mary

It took a while for me to get this and if you want to know the full story of how and why – you’ll have to read about why Peter Donegan was a bit shy here…

If you would like to get involved with Peter Donegan and Bloom 2009 via sponsorship or any other proposal you may have – please do not hesitate to contact me. Of course you can guess what I am doing!

thanks trevor, that was nice of you!

peter and trevor

peter and trevor!

I got this in the post yesterday from Green Party Mininster of State Trevor Sargent. It was a little bit of a surprise to be very honest, but a most appreciated and very welcome one.

After Bloom I sent out a postcard to [the so very many who deserved a massive] say thank you. Trevor received one. Credit where it’s due, he also stopped by the garden during Bloom; lives not to far away from me and as you can gather from this photograph, we’ve know each other a while now –

Of course it took me a little to figure out exactly what it said…

For those of you who had the same trouble, I’ve translated below! [well, if you’re going to call it a hippopotamus…?!]

...sincerely, most appreciated

Peter, A Chara

I was to see that big pink hippopotamus of a boat at the electric picnic. It fitted right in just like the family of topiary elephants. See you soon. P.S. Thanks for your card! Le meas glas


all about mary

peter donegan, dr martin & president of ireland mary mc aleese

This was in June during Bloom 2008 with my garden Pour L’amour de Jeux. On the official opening day The President, her husband Dr Martin and entourage came by and stopped at my garden for a chat.

What should you do when you meet the President of Ireland Mary Mc Aleese & Dr Martin?

First, make sure at all times that you prevent yourself from appearing [ish] in any photographs….?!

UPDATE: Of course I eventually did get one really good photograph with President McAleese 

peter donegan, dr martin & president of ireland mary mc aleesepeter donegan, dr martin & president of ireland mary mc aleesepeter donegan, dr martin & president of ireland mary mc aleese

now famous in poland…

peter donegan & bertie ahern polska gazeta

If you’re going to borrow pictures from my website…. Its amazing where they end up.

This was published in the Polska Gaztea 15th May 2008. [Borrowed from this article!!]

It certainly made me smile! A really good fiend of mine Adam was back at home for two weeks holidays and reading through the papers with Mom over a cup of tea… he passed this. His Mother now knows Bertie Ahern, me of course and St Patrick!