Bring On The Conker Championships


After a different week of sorts last week [and today 😉 ]  Last Friday saw Ballybougals first poker classic take place in the old school hall.

With very special thanks to the people I share this small village with €827 was raised on the night for the Niall Mellon Township Trust. I really am so appreciative, sincerely for this support. Thank you 🙂
That said… I have now in my account €2380 [plus €50 of a cheque]. And whilst theres another few bob still to come in… I’m still well short by over €2,000.
Last year I and ‘her indoors’ paid almost the full €5,000 and the year before too. I’ve kept in very close contact with the Niall Mellon Township regarding where my account stands and whilst I yesterday was very much reassured there is a place for me there and to take my time… time is still looming and I guess I have a decision to make….. ?
Personally, its been an unusual sort of a year this year with the odd jester thrown in simply to make life more interesting 🙄 [you know yourself… 😉 ] and I have chosen to take until after this weekend down in Freshford at The Conker Championships before I make any sort of decision. I might even drop by and see my good friend Pat
For the moment wish me luck and lets see how I get on in Kilkenny 😉
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‘trying’ to get paid….



At the turn of the year I made a concious decision to not do anymore work for people in my life who decided not to pay or make it difficult to get paid.  

I know this is something that may happen to all businesses but I’ve come to the point where I’m wondering whether there is something more I can do.

There are genuine situations out there, I really do appreciate that. And I don’t [to an extent] mind if someone is straight with me from the outset and even makes an attempt to make some form of paymet or to keep me posted.

That said there are those who maybe believe that maybe he won’t chase me for such a small amount. Or it maybe a case of stuff ’em. I simply don’t know, exactly, the reason…. All I know is I’m not getting [any] payment.



I have three real example cases.

since the 6th of june 2008: – a lady in Malahide who paid part of the bill already, told me she doesn’t have the money to pay. I arrive up to the house the next time and find a new car in the driveway and no one will answer the door.

since the 3rd september 2008: a builder who was supplied topsoil makes ‘the payment to another company’ and tells me to ‘go chase them’. The other company refuses to pay and neither will the builder.

9th July 2009: another ‘builder’ who after three months decided the lawn was not to standard. The soil and levelling was to be done by his team. The lawn only to be supplied and laid by me. Apparently the lawn is not level and even though that was not part of my remit…. I have to wait over 3 months to find this is the reason [?] I’m told not getting paid. The fact that I disagree is irrelevant. But that is the reason I’m getting.

sit there and take it...?

sit there and take it...?

The question is what does one do…. if the amount is less than €1,000 or less €5,000 the excuses can and do continue.

Sidetracking slightly, I am [maybe] fortunate that the amounts are not overly excessive [?] and that generally speaking the clients I have are 99% of the time really nice people. Sincerely.

But it is at this point that I’m wondering if I should take the legal route, one I don’t really want to go down…. or admitting defeat [?] that I should simply name and shame the people live on the weblog…. a route I don’t really want to down either. The only other option it seems is to have a cup of coffee and let those rude enough to avoid phone calls and [logic] requests enjoy the [now] October sunshine.

Don’t get me wrong I am old and bold enough to have been whacked in the past and there was damn all I could do about it [legally]. Sometimes where small amounts were concerned I gave this money to charity…. but after 9 years in business there is simply a point here where it’s wrong. Unfair. Immoral. Whatever way you wish to call it’s not right…

The question is what would you do….?

ps: which reminds me…. anyone want to play poker for charity… 😉

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gardeners charity poker classic in ballyboughal

are you going...?

are you going...?

***Tickets can be bought behind the bar in The Village Inn from Kevin or drop by my house or give me a call 🙂

From Yes folks 7 tables of 7 people will battle it out for the title of Ballyboughals best poker player Friday 16th October.

The gig won’t take place in O’Connors pub exactly as the people wont really all fit in… rather it will take place in the old school opposite… but systems are in place that a lounge person will run back and forth constantlty from one to the other with your beverage in case your taste buds dry out 😉

The reason… well of course the trad session is on so when you finsh your game of cards… simply walk the far side of the [very narrow] road and have a listen to some of Ireland finest musicians.

Sandwiches will be provided on the night and the trad session [as always] is free in.

All money raised will of course go to my trip to South Africa with the Niall Mellon Township Trust. Click here to see how much I’ve raised so far.

Never been to ballyboughal [just outside Swords btw] here’s how to get here

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