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Childrens Sand Pit, Dublin

sand pit (3)

If you are gonna do a sand pit for the little ones in your house and garden there really is only one way to go. In that I mean you get one that they simply do not want to get out of and also one that will last outside in the delightful Irish weather that we have inherited.

This was built as one part of an overall garden build, but it is one that I thought might be of interest on its own merit. More, one that might just get you thinking a little outside of the box, so to speak.

A lot like the thinking behind sinking a trampoline, this variation will cost you more than the flat pack type products out there. But, if you want an addition to your childs play area that will last 10 – 15 years easily plus, then this is the only route to go. Equally as important, it looks pretty darned good when it’s not in use as when it is. 😉