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I had gone in search of some feedback for the website recently. I felt it needed a few tweeks here and there. Although not via comments, the answers came back in very I didn’t wish to sound like I was insulting you sort of a format.

Outside of the sites text it seemed I was missing some really good high quality photographs of myself.

You are after all the business. You are Peter Donegan. I don’t wanna go searching through a website to see what the man I will do business with looks like….

Fair point. I had some good images, but they were very random…. I rang John Mc Williams. John took this photograph that I’ve been using for some time now. He’s also a good friend. Honest enough to say I like and because. But more than that he is also an extremely talented photographer.

We met on a Sunday. Spent a few hours together. As always with John, it was also time that I enjoyed I should add. We narrowed it down to variations from about 10 images.

The beauty about them is that because the quality of those taken is so high they can become black and white, low to high resolution, head shots or back to colour again at the flick of a button.

Whether it’s for media usage or just for the site…. I have to say to the time spent was a very wise investment on my part. Of course I’m just one of a host of stars Mr McWilliams has had the honour to photograph 😉

Is that Carly Simon I hear playing…. Thanks John 🙂

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its all about [mary] money

peter donegan, dr martin & president of ireland mary mc aleese

peter donegan, dr martin & president of ireland mary mc aleese

I wanted the mini proofs here – but due to copyright I [wisely] left them out.

As most know, when President Mary stopped by my Garden in Bloom – the photography wasn’t the greatest. It turns out some amazing professional photographers were there. I eventually got contact details for one of them. [name of photographer deleted].

I thought he’d send me on a photograph… I only wanted one for my office wall & the blog.

I emailed him:

A Chara David,
Great to meet you at the show and thank you so much for taking the time too introduce yourself. If there’s any chance of photographs of President. Mary McAleese that would be great. Coffees on me neighbour !!

David replied:

Please find attached the contact sheet of shots taken with President – Please let me know if you wish for any copies – if you do which numbers – Hard copy (Photographic Print)or digital – if digital what usage you require (for Licence) Web use only or Web/Editorial use – when i have this information i can quote you a cost – Hope the show went well for you

I replied:

probably just one for my wall – the 3rd one seems to be the best[?] – digital hi-res probably[?] the best wouldn’t mind putting one on my weblog for the craic as a final note on bloom just passed. hope i don’t need to remotgage the house???!! good response but without a main sponsor it was a toughie! all the same at least Mary and co. stopped to say hi this year!

He replied:

The cost for 10×8 color Print is ? 60.00 each to include p+p The cost for 6mgb j-peg Digital File High res (to include multi-use Licence ) is ?110.00 These costs exclude Vat @ 21% If you want to go ahead i will generate an invoice and send it to you as soon as i receive payment i will send the image on to you.

I was emailed [click here] regarding photographers rights – but to be honest, it’s not the money, nor the technicalities of all things legal; more being polite or gentleman like. I’ve worked with [really cool] photographers before. A lady passing may say ‘oh do you mind taking a pic [etc]’; S/he would do and send it on, because it’s nice to do so… especially if that picture will end up in the newspapers the next day…

Whatever happened to the days of old where one wasn’t afraid to borrow a bowl of sugar [without an invoice arriving in the post]… ? I know business is business… but I’d still like a photograph for my wall.