Sony Ericsson Greenheart


Sony Ericcson call it one of the greenheart range of mobile phones. I met with Russell Keating of Sony Ericsson to find out just why….

Ericsson’s call two of the range the cedar and the elm. Whilst Russell explained most in the audio above I personally liked the fact that it comes with no printed manual which in 1 million phones saves 350 tonnes of paper. That equals 13,000 trees and 7500 metres cubed of water. Their new packaging [versus standard] also saves 80% of the CO2 that would have been used. The greener phone charger comes with an un-plug reminder…. I like this.

I don’t have a greenheart phone so as to review the product to its fullest form, but from what I saw and from what I’m told, it is the greenest phone so far. Maybe their are others out there, maybe others will follow…? What do you think…?

the n95 – is the [i]phone for gardeners ?



First up – I’m not a computer techie genius. I studied horticulture for four years. Computer stuff so to speak is a past-time. Secondly. Of things that may fall out of ones pockets, fall into puddles, get rained upon etc… my gadgets need to be tolerant of my lifestyle. See this post on my camera 🙂

I had a Nokia N95. But I was given/ got an iphone. A new phone. I know some may say it is the best thing since roll out turf and I will not disagree with anyones review of what I am sure is an amazing piece of technology. But, I am constantly asked my thoughts on it, how I find it and if for me it works.

Whats this got ot do with the great outdoors I hear you say? Quite simply, I wanted to text a client a pic of a plant recently to say Eureka! I found ‘the one’. But, I couldn’t. It is therefore relevant to the business of landscaping. It needs to be reviewed.

The iPhone:

  • the battery life wont usually get me through a day
  • it is a little more fragile
  • the camera is 1 megapixel – very poor
  • one cant text a photograph
  • one cant recieve a photo in a text
  • i dont want email to my phone
  • i cant use qik on it [one can but you need to be a gifted techie]
  • i can’t use another sim card in it if i go abroad [see above]

This is why I will revert back to my old reliable Nokia N95.

  • it has a decent battery
  • its hardy-er
  • the camera is 5 megapixel [it even does black and white]
  • i can take a pic and text it to my mam
  • she can send me one back
  • i dont have email on it – i dont want it
  • qik was downloaded instantly

what do you think?