Irish Times Innovation January 2011

Todays Irish Times Innovation [new ideas in business] magazine features a story [page 47] by Olive Keogh about my online endeavours.

Case Study Peter Donegan Landscaping

Even the most traditional businesses can benefit from using social media

I took a screen grab of the article [below] which you can read if you wish. I think it’s a really cool piece actually. The quote below the photo [below] made me smile 😉

The image of the paper above was sent to me by Christian Hughes and the photo used in the piece by Olive was taken by John Williams. Thank you gentlemen 🙂

The Perfect Clients Garden

**Listen to the audio first before enlarging the images below.

I think the audio says it all.


I found it really difficult to explain this with one image….

newbridge demesne

hmmm 😉 there you are Ray… Apart from that, there is absolutely nothing I dislike about the park named Newbridge House nee Newbridge Demense, as it is far more than that.

It is a true gem and I love it so very much. It contains the formal and the informal. It contains the grand house and the relevant farmyard, yet – it also has the most amazing childrens playground, barbeque and picnic areas. But it retains its history and it does it very well.

The tour of the house and farm I have done so many times. The coffee shop does real coffee. If you are looking for a recession buster – this is it! I went last weekend. I brought my flask [of fresh ground coffee] and a picnic. The weather wasn’t great but the grounds looked magnificient.

archbishop ryan park… ?

The park was purchased from the Pembroke Estate by the Roman Catholic Church in 1930 for 100,000 as a site for a cathedral. However, this project never materialised and in 1974 the then Archbishop, Dermot Ryan, transferred the 4.75 hectares (11.7 acres) to Dublin Corporation for use a public park.

alias merrion square park

alias merrion square park

Merrion Square Park is really cool. I love it. It’s only recently, since we have undertaken some projects in Dublin City Centre that I have started to frequent it. I should do it more often…. With my flask of coffee and a good book – it is absolutely amazing what is sitting right on our doorsteps. One will always hear people complain about ‘we never get’ and ‘the government should give us this’…. the reality when I was growing up was, that’s what parks were there for – and we made our own fun. In that context, [we] the taxpayer pays for this. I was in lunchtime on Thursday. It was about one o’ clock. How many people did I see….? I’d say about five or six, maximum. The art inside the park is brilliant; the buildings surrounding housed so many amazing Irish people – check it out!; I love kicking autumn leaves on the ground; the sign on the gate is cool and the people are sooooo relaxed inside. It even has a playground. Go there, love it and enjoy it!

savour the culture

september 13/ 14 phoenix park

september 13/ 14 phoenix park

I’m looking forward to this. I like Farmleigh House and if you do nothing else on this day the tour of the house is so worth while. Straight from the promo page [pretty much] here’s what one can expect at this free for all – unless you decide to buy something – event.

On Saturday & Sunday 13/14 September Bord Bia with the OPW, will host Ireland’s first ever national independent drinks festival at Farmleigh in the Phoenix Park. Featuring the very best of Ireland’s independent micro-breweries, cider makers, distillers and liqueur companies. Patrons will have the opportunity to taste and purchase an array of products from the very best of Irelands somewhat “lesser known” but innovative and unique drinks companies, and meet the brewers, distillers, cider and liqueur makers behind the high quality range of products on offer – see here for a listing of the companies taking part.

SeptemberFest offers something for all the family, both young and old alike. With various bands playing on the music stage, to street performers, medieval displays and a lecture series on Irish food and drink history, there will certainly be something to whet the appetite in more ways than one!

Artisan food producers will also be on site throughout the event to feed the masses with their range of hand crafted crepes, quiches, pies, hot dogs, burgers and lots more besides.

The festival will be open each day from 11:00am to 6:30pm and admission is free. There is limited car-parking available on site as well as an extended bus service which runs throughout the Phoenix Park and includes numerous stops at Farmleigh.