Dublin Landscaping: Quartz Raised Planters and Raised Planters

As additions to gardens go or in fact as doing anything goes, I’ve always lived by the do it once and do it very right rule.

This may well be considered a (raised) garden wall, but there a few things of note before taking everything into consideration:  Read more

Peter Donegan Landscaping – 8 Different Back Gardens

herbaceous border

The following are a selection of private back gardens that I made over the last year or so. There’s no apparent reason why I chose the following 8 gardens, apart from the fact that they all are quite different in their finish, their budget and also what they were before I got to them.

After 14 years creating gardens as Donegan Landscaping, naturally, I have seen just a few more than that and the following might just get you thinking in the right direction.

There’s a link below each pic if you want to read a bit more about them and see some before and afters.

Re the pic below; of course I don’t go making gardens in my Sunday best. But the day that one was taken by my mate John was a grand day and St Stephens Green behind me always looks superb. Even in autumn. As a good gardens should. Anyhow for now…

Enjoy. Peter x

peter donegan

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Donegan Landscaping – October Gardening Service

peter donegan landscaping ltd

Straight to your office, garden, balcony or planters this is a short reminder of what garden services Peter Donegan has available this October.

pumpkin female flowers clematis rouge cardinal

  • Tree and hedge-planting season starts soon and bulb-planting season has already begun
  • Or you might like that part of the garden landscaped ready for the festive season
  • All plants, trees or shrubs personally chosen and arranged in your space outside.

peter donegan peter donegan

horse chestnut leaf daffodil bulbs

peter donegan landscaping plants peter donegan landscaping gardens

Contact Peter:

  • email
  • call 0876594688 if you don’t get an answer please do leave a message and I will call you back as soon as is possible. I am possibly up a tree and it may be dangerous to take your call at that time.

The Sodcast Guests – Shawna Coronado

sodshow, garden podcast

The Sodshow Garden Podcast – every Friday – in iTunes, all good podcast stores.

Listen to The Sodcast in MP3 – or – as always you can subscribe or/ and listen to the podcast via iTunes. Alternatively you can subscribe to the blog and listen to them right here. Missed Episode 8 of the garden podcast ?

Now into episode 8 of The Sodcast, I thought it a good time to test the water with something a little different.

I bounced it around with others of the podcasting fraternity on maybe bringing some guests in and whilst the response was very much 50:50, there really is only one way to find out…..

Introducing Shawna Coronado

I called Shawna yesterday to see how she was getting on and more importantly to give you a little taste of just what you can expect to hear on Thursdays Sodcast. Take a listen…

Why A Guest and why Shawna…?


I rang Shawna, a person I had interviewed twice before for the blog, admittedly the first time it was audio-less but with whom, both of us will agree, that between us the conversation seems to us, to flow relatively easy.  The video below explains that maybe a little better….

I’m not to sure how well this will work and so and as always I will base that factor upon your responses on the iTunes Sodcast page. Maybe, that’s not the route some would take, but so far so good and 20 ratings and 15 comments later – 90% are 5 star ratings and the comments are very encouraging….

The guests will vary from week to week and will return again, for now and to start with, a nice round of applause for Shawna.

Visit the sodcast podcast page on iTunes – leave a comment and let me know what you think and I’ll talk to you next Thursday 😉

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Bloom 2007 – The Morris Minor Garden

donegan gardens bloom (2)

No Rubber Soul. Silver Medal Winner. My Garden for Bloom 2007.

I love this garden. I really do. I had no sponsor. I was advised not to do it. Nobody knew what Bloom was really and although I had won awards for garden design and landscaping, this was my first *show* garden. I don’t even think I knew what a weblog was when I did this garden so there really doesn’t exist that many photographs of  ‘No rubber- soul’ the garden. For some reason or another it became know as the Car-Den. Enjoy!

Peter Donegans garden design ‘No Rubber- Soul’ won silver in the large garden category in the inaugural year of Bloom in the Phoenix Park Friday 1st June 2007. During the 20 day deadline over 1,500 plants; 50 square metres of rolled lawn; 4 tonne of recycled compost; 5 tonnes of recycled bark chippings; 6 tonnes of recycled tree stumps one 1965 morris minor and an outdoor flat screen television.

Despite the rainfall over the bank holiday weekend over 50,000 people still flocked to see the unsponsored garden. No decking, no paving, no additives or preservatives…. Imagine sitting within two thirds of a 1965 Morris Minor, watching the television, smokes plumes through the front grill of your car and you sit back and watch nature and plant life grow around you. This is the garden that has no rubber but lots of soul. Built from 100% recycled and/ or recyclable products. Take a trip back to 1965 when men used shovels and gardens had soul.

Built to commemorate the many Irish men with initially, great intentions who promise to restore and rebuild projects but sometimes are never fully completed; it has been slightly adapted to via audio visual equipment to become an entertainment area of sorts and it should give the appearance that whilst unwillingly forgotten, the life of the garden continued to flourish around it.

….and of course there was this. genius.

this was the making of….

and there was also a bit of this….