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In short the video explains it all very well. Once again, thank you all.

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My Extreme Weather, Proof Clothing

photo above courtessy @AnthonyMcG

For those who aren’t aware approximately 90mm of rain fell in one day on Monday last, beating Irelands previous record of 48mm.

The following are the clothing that I wore when Ireland flooded this week as I spent about 6 plus hours by night trying to keep the water out at bay.

For me, my outdoor clothing is always an investment. And if it will protect me from the elements in the weather we just had – then it will easily do the job when I am at my leisure at a festival, camping, on a hedgerow walks or just work – as you can gather by now it really doesn’t matter to me, so long as I’m outside and I’m in the right gear.

Wondering what’s gonna keep me dry and warm this Winter….? Here’s the list I recommend because it’s what I use and wear

1] The Gelert Ridge Jacket

gelert ridge jacket

The Gelert Ridge is possibly the best jacket I have ever owned and  this was given to me by the team at Millets Mary street, Dublin. Silly as it may sound, it’s the best thought out jacket in my arsenal.

The big reason[s] I love it – it is as waterproof as my tent [fact – it has a 5000  Hydrostatic Head] and it looks and fits good. More than that, the zips appear as though they are back to front, but that actually keeps the pockets water resistant. Light weight, breathable, pockets inside for phones and a hood with a sort of roof eve stuck to the front of it. A real gem. Costs over a hundred euro – worth every cent.

2] regatta xert trousers

regatta xert trouser

Well worn, as you can see. I’ve had these water proof over trousers about 4 years now. Big reasons to love them is the fact that they have zips that come from ankle to knee level with felcro tapes at the ends. On a normal day [if it wasn’t on Monday], it allows one to take the over-pants off over the boots thus preventing getting them muddy on the inside. For short wearers, like myself, they are of course inner-lined.

My advice – buy them about 2 sizes too big and use the pull chord zipper. This allows them come up over waist height and the Gelert jacket tapers over that. I can’t remember how much these cost me. No photo with me in it, y ou know what trousers look like.

2] Dunlop Prestige Wellingtons

dunlop prestige wellington

I’m not a wellie man. Not on your nellie. But the water was so high that my normal boots just couldn’t do it. Good grips on the bottom [dunlop. think tyre. very important] and as mid range priced wellies go – these are pretty darned good. The only problem was the rain was falling so hard it getting inside them. Wet socks. Not Funny. It was essential on Monday to wear them with the over-trousers.

4] Gelert Hill Short

The Gelert hill Short. I pretty much only wear shorts outside. Monday was no different. It’s hard work [trying to] clear drains with jeans on and working up a sweat. On a normal day [as I’ve said before] it’s not a matter of getting wet, but more how fast you can dry out.

In that department, these are absolutely super. They’ve got a felt band at the waist line for taking sweat away and are without question the lightest weight short I have ever worn.  Even the back pockets are at an angle so you can get your hand in easily with a ruck sack on. About €30 from Millets Mary Street.

5] Craghoppers Olav Half Zip fleece

When it comes with a lifetime guarantee you know it’s decent. The Craghoppers Olav is just that. No pockets. Looks smart. Does what it says on the tin and darned cosy. More of a fleece than a mid layer if you ask me but, if you appreciate that layers work better than one big jumper – this one was a must buy and once again – if it worked on Monday…….

Also Worn

Also worn and previously noted here was my Bodyfit 200 baselayer and my Trespass commanche hat. You’ll have to pardon the cliché’d pun but my Maglite mini also played a blinder.

 regatta xert trousers gelert ridge jacket zip icebreaker bodyfit 200

trespass commanche mini maglite aa

The SodShow. 7 October. Garden Radio Dublin

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The SodShow. 7 October. Garden Radio Dublin (mp3)

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The SodShow – Dublin’s Garden Radio Podcast

The Sodshow Garden Podcast – every Friday – in iTunes, all good podcast stores.

The SodShow – Dublin’s Garden Radio Podcast (mp3)

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Ireland’s Top 5 Places To Camp


Some time ago I spoke with Aaron Scantlebury, Manager of Millets Camping Store, Dublin City. Aaron and I got talking about Irelands best places to go camping.

In short, Aaron and his team compiled and completed an in store survey to find The Top 5 places to camp in Ireland, as chosen by the people who liked camping. The following are their results and findings.

The top 5 places to camp in Ireland:

  1. Glenmalur Valley along Avonbeg River – Wicklow mountains [most admitted to being semi wild campers]
  2. Hidden Valley, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow.
  3. Carrowkeel Camping and caravan park. Castlebar-Mayo
  4. Actons Camping park. Claddaghduff, Clifden-Galway [although there were less votes – of note here is that they had by far the best comments than any of the others]
  5. Lough Ennell camping site

In relation to this survey customers were asked:

  1. Is this your first time camping?
  2. Where have you camped before that you would recommend to others?

The results of questions 1 & 2 above are as follows:

  • 42% were either first time campers who were purchasing prior to making a decision on where they were going to camp.
  • 23% were festival goers
  • 34 % therefore voted on the Top 5 Camping Places Survey

Aaron sent this email with the survey results

Hi Peter

attached is the list compiled. It is interesting to note that the vast majority of customers were either camping at a festival or had never been camping before and were trying it for the first time [most of which switched the question back on us to ask us for a recommended campsite!].

It should also be noted that the survey was carried out throughout the month of August which was our peak trading time and when compared to last year, the style, purpose and nature of camping gear sold was vastly different to the same period last year. This is also indicative of the results of our survey.

It was a revealing survey that we will expand on next year. Certainly it does not reflect the “at hand pointers to camping sites” that are available to the public via the internet and government “approved” sources!

Aaron Scantlebury, Manager
Millets Camping
61-62 Mary Street
Dublin 1

Other questions we asked included:

  1. What are your recommendations based on?
  2. Are you upgrading your tent/equipment and if so why?
  3. What was the main reason for making your purchase with us today?
  • Value for money.
  • Specification of product
  • Service provided.
  • Brand loyalty.
  • Other.

Aaron will be live in studio on The SodShow this Friday to discuss this. If you have any queries you can leave a comment here or contact me via

woodland way