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the new tech garden – book

the new tech garden
the new tech garden

Ever wanted a book with a little something… a little different… a little refreshing…. a breath of bloomin’ fresh air….?

Look no further. 😉

By Paul Cooper – this isn’t really ‘a book‘, so to speak….its more a collection of designs from various garden designers using ‘modern materials and technologies in creating innovative and individualistic gardens to suit contemporary lifestyles’.

It cost me €21.55 [Waterstones Dawson Street by the way] which is pretty good value for money considering the massive amount of high quality and brilliant images that engross the 190 page plus book.

Whether its scaffolding or polyster or fabric and rope you would never have thought could be incorporated into an outdoor space – or maybe a garden designed using kenetic energy or a water feature that make a gurgling noise, instead of the usual trickle – it’s all here.

Extremely well documented, detailed and exampled – this really is one for those who minds allow a slight stepping into ‘the conundrum actually looks fine as it is’ way of thinking. Can’t fault it. Love it! Genius. It’s also a heck of a lot better than some of the regurgitated clap trap that covers most shelves. Being quite honest.

One thing I did realise is how minute [if at all] a market for outside-of-the-box type designs exists in Ireland. And Don’t I know all about that one 😉

Pauls website describes it as:

A celebration of gardens in which man-made materials such as plastic, perspex, steel, glass and textiles have been used to create gardens more in keeping with contemporary design and lifestyles. Paul Cooper has chosen the best examples of urban spaces for those who want an unconventional garden, or a garden for pleasure rather than constant labour.
Mitchell Beazley. First published 2001.

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