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Gigs: National Tree Week 2012 – Hedgerow Walking

hedgerow walk

Myself and the pint sized human will be on this walk. Always a bit of craic and good old fashioned fresh air family fun. Any hassles or Q’s just drop me a line 😉

SATURDAY 10th MARCH – National Tree Week Walk in Ballyboughal with the Hedgerow Society.

Discover Larch, Scots Pine, Oak, Beech and lots of primroses in Mainscourt Woods.

  • Meeting Point: O’Connors Pub, Ballyboughal [see image below]
  • Time: 2.00
  • Duration: c. One and half hours
  • Details: Chance too to see about 50 frogs! Children very welcome
  • Donations welcome: for Temple St Hosp.
  • Info: Ann 086 3638487 – or comment below

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The Magical Orchard Hedgerow Walk

crab apples

There are 2 more hedgerow events [so far] proposed between this and the year end. I will note them here as they arise. To The Walk….

I spoke about it in depth on Friday’s SodShow, but Sunday 9th October saw the Magical Orchard Walk take place with the Ballyboughal Hedgerow Society.

I never knew this was sitting right on our doorstep….. sure, what else would you be doing  on a Sunday afternoon

I however how done this walk so many times. Every-time it is simply magical.

A nice mix of never been and experienced, aged from the very young upwards made the day out. Haws or Hawthorn berries were tasted, Sloe’s were eaten for the first time for many, on the go impromptu Nettle leaf eating demonstrations took place all the while varying types and colours of crab apples were tried and tested.

As we travelled, we passed by fields of freshly sown winter wheat, acres of onions that were left never to make it to the super-markets and queried the identification of Charlock versus Rapeseed. The list here could go on for ages….. We even stumbled across a tree into which someone had etched their initials – it was dated 1936.

A great day out. A breath of fresh air. Some apple jelly for my troubles. 😉