is your product amazing and irish…?


what you got.... ?

I was looking recently for information on irish products that were to do with the barbeque. I was extremely disappointed. I could find nothing Irish, online. If I can’t find ’em – I guess no-one else can.

On the flip side – I often get e-mailed, [more spammed] by people looking for links to their products. Damiens general & logic guide on ‘fluffys’ kind of apply here.

Is your product is amazing:

and if you would like notoriety here *and* if it is of interest I can give it a mention or even an entire post. Here’s my suggestion[s]:

  • You can send me a sample – I can fiddle around with it and develop my own opinion and review it. I can/ will not review something I have not used.
  • You can send me a link and I can then decide whether or not to give it a mention.
  • You can offer free products/ tickets to the readers of the weblog, where it may then also be reviewed.

my preference is the following:

  • It is preferably irish made  or/ &  designed or/ & invented.
  • you are NOT an agent/ reseller of it.
  • It can be an event, a book or a service – it really just needs to be interesting
  • it should be greeny/ outdoors/ horticulture related – try me 😉

All of my reviews to date are linked to Loudervoice – click and take a look. That doesn’t include general links to bits and bobs I find interesting.

*please note – I do this weblog in my spare time – hence this post.

How to contact me:

this courtesy of Stephen…. see how easy it all works 😉

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silicon republic… technology for a gardener #9

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.

...and gadget republic

...and gadget republic

This is piece #9. This is Silicon Republic.

Silicon republic in my eyes like a who’s who sort of what’s what online publication of anything technical related. It is the Reuters of the techie industry so to speak. If there was ever anything I wanted to use, buy or try…. this is where I search first. Put very simply, if it ever had a 3 pin plug stuck to it or its not an abacus…. you’ll find it first at Silicon Republic.

With an average of over 81,000 unique visitors and 150,000 page views a month this is what they say: is Ireland’s leading website for IT and business decision makers. Along with its sister publications, Knowledge Ireland, e-Thursday and Digital Ireland, provides a critical forum for decision makers that rely on our individual mix of news, views, comment and analysis to stay informed of strategic tech industry developments and to ensure their company is making the right business and technology decisions.

Thursday 26th February [yes a while ago now…] 2009 saw Silicon Republic writer Marie Boran review The Donegan Landscaping website/ blog. A long with 3 others here’s what she had to say:

This week we take a look at some of the best business blogs from around the country. Being an internet-savvy businessperson doesn’t just mean visibility for your product or service – it also means engaging with customers and potential customers in a way that grows trust for you and your brand.

Peter Donegan landscaping

Peter Donegan

While the aforementioned blogs are good examples of tech-related firms connecting through their blogs, it’s vital to see other sectors get involved.

With his gardening blog, Peter Donegan is a well-known personality on the Irish blogging scene. He says he’s no “techie genius”, yet his dedication to an online audience proves that even the tech-shy should embrace this medium for their business.

you can read the full review at the Gadget Republic Website or at the irish independent blog digest. Three other blogs were reviewed and well worth a visit. They were Niall Larkins BlogeWrite by Gordon Murray and Jason Roes Blog.

What more can I say…. go take a look for yourself and let me know what you think.

get a hard hat…. go on!

go on...

go on...

Friday8th May 2009, this gig is on. It will be going on all day in The Pavillions Shopping Centre in Swords – i’ll be there from 2-6pm.

It’s called hard hat day.

I was in South Africa with the Niall Mellon Trust the last two years and [God bless, this year too… with your help]

But this is entirely different, so to speak…Can’t make it??

Yeah.. thats been taken care of too – click here and buy  one online. A virtual one…….. Go on!!

If you are on The Northside come on by, say hello and gimme some of your dosh… go on, go on…….. go on!

here’s the news from the lads:

The Niall Mellon Township Trust is having a national Flag Day called “Hard Hat Day Homes for Children” this Friday the 8th of May to raise much needed funds for children presently living in shacks in townships of South Africa. The conditions are unbearable with no water, no toilets and inadequate cooking facilities. When it rains, as it does for a number of months in the year, the shack leak badly and when it’s sunny, the shacks are like ovens. Normal living is made impossible. The new houses we build transform lives and dramatically improve children’s health, school attendance, life expectancy and job prospects. To date we have built 11,000 houses and have set a target to house 48,000 people in 2009. To achieve this we need to raise as much money as we can from Hard Hat Day – please buy a virtual hat on line now. Simply click on Hats off to you!

Thanks so much for your support

go on.....

go on.....

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a new web….

a new web...

a new web...

The new look website and blog is finally here. It has taken some time… but we have finally made it.

It’s a lot slimmer, a litle bit fresher and a lot more modern.

Before I go any further… it was designed and built with *you* in mind so I simply hope you enjoy reading.

so what have we got that’s groovy:

  • *Cleaner layout with simple user friendly navigation
  • *Landscaping Gallary showcase
  • *Wider search
  • *Daily rotation of header
  • *Simple easy to use contact form
  • *Blog post Audio & print support
  • *Better, user focused comment system
  • *Twitter update integration with twitter API
  • *Page and Post navigation –which is visible @blog bottom section
  • *Gravatar & myblog support @comment
  • *Comment user’s Flag support
  • * Sitewide Vcard support
  • *integration of Blog & site all together
  • *new archive index selection and search method
  • *Category post count

and on the technical side:

  • *Whole site and Blog 95% hardcoded to reduce Plugin deppendancy
  • *IP2Nation Data integration with Database
  • *Flickr account integration and sync
  • *Talkr API used for Audio versioning of posts
  • *Better caching system-so the pages load faster

This is all with very special thanks to Kam, Paddy and Adrian. And tomorrow we return to gardens… Let me know what you think, say a well done to the lads… and enjoy, the thoughts and ramblings of a landscape gardener.

[another] 9 great gifts for a gardener this christmas


For any garden enthusiast you might know here are my suggestions that ARE 1000% better than socks and a CD. If you prefer cooked turkey and a kiss under the mistletoe over a good scrap with the mother in law and some frozen sprouts..? Here’s my thinking cap – put it on this year for God’s sake… and your sake and my sake?!!

  1. The water Butt the cheapest gift of them all – €40 yo-yo’s up front in bin tags and claim it back on your tax
  2. bar-b-ques they’re probably still ‘on sale’ and like the water butts a great one for the DIY-er as s/he must make it themselves.
  3. Right tree for the right place – don’t just get it delivered – get it planted – as Debbie Harry would say ‘call me’.
  4. a little more expensive – the gardeners dream – the camera that ‘will’ last
  5. my books – my reviews – you can’t go wrong with the right book
  6. the logmaker – I’m 32 [not that flippin’ old] my Dad & Grandad had one and now I have one – this one comes delivered brilliant and it might make him a bit teary eyed as well [Jees – don’t throw it at him]
  7. book the garden in for an overhaul, a consultation, a reconstruction or a good once over – something to suit every budget – contact The Donegan Landscape Design office and get a gift voucher 😉
  8. buy the folks an american style postbox they are so very cool -hurry up – i had to get mine online
  9. Botanical Beauties in Trinity College Library [in the long room]- free and only until 23rd December 2008 – the finest collection of ancient botanical books -don’t miss it. Then go for tea in Bewelys on Grafton Street. Grandad will love you. If you buy me a cream cake i’ll go [again] too 🙂