I personally have found that most gardeners tend to, as individuals, opt for Facebook as a way to promote themselves. Either that or/ and Linkedin. For me, personal is personal and rarely the twain shall [if ever] meet.

Recently I was at the launch of

Hesitant to sign myself up to just another website – for me, worky operates a bit like Linkedin – but with a big difference. This interview with Ray Nolan proves very worthwhile….

It’s Irish born and bred. Which is good. More than that it’s the brain child of gentleman by the name of Ray Nolan. A quick buck with a dot com, you may say ? Ray’s previous venture hostelworld sold for around [some reports say] €320 million and go on from there… I’m not interested in Ray as an individual, as such. I was impressed that he was a nice guy…. but essentially, I know this is a long term project that will work. More than that, it was worthwhile me signing up for.

Thee big difference between that and other similar sites…. easy, it doesn’t feel like an instruction manual for a dishwasher. What you get out of it….? Well I guess that’s up to you. Still, the horticultural market is just that and if this gets me one new contact and from that one new job…. I’ll be sending Ray a card saying thanks.

For those in horticultural college – do yourself a favour and get yourself a little attention before you need your career to take off. They certainly didn’t have this kind of thing in my day 😉

If you go there I’m at

The Great Outdoors Weekend Podcast

sodshow, garden podcast

The Sodshow Garden Podcast – every Friday – in iTunes, all good podcast stores.

Listen in MP3 format or – As always you can rss the podcasts via iTunes or you can subscribe to the blog and listen to them right here. Missed last weeks garden podcast ?

Got a note from bernie over the weekend:

That’s our boy @donegangardens easily cresting above yer man Ray Foley.

Seems the podcast hit number 2 in the popular charts on audioboo. Thanks for listening folks. Take notes Foley. 😉

In my green life:

My post this week questioning organic got me into a spot of bother [?]. No response yet from IOFGA, IFA, Bord Bia, Green Party….. not one. No one.

  • Continuing to crop my basil plants. Not using it. Freezing it. [image 1]
  • My currants. This much from 3 bushes. Great investment. [image 2]
  • Strawberry babies. Well baby plants 😉 free. [image 3]

  • My potatoes – almost there
  • Peach leaf curl – should have moved it 🙄
  • Onions – can’t wait for the red ones

Dates and Events:

  • The Achill Roar ? Saturday 11th September. know of a better way to see one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland ?
  • Ah Ballymun! You remember the fashion showcoultry park, how about the eco – store or Ballymun’s green map ? Now a new park is opening on the 14th July. The opening will have loads of activities on including puppet shows, dance displays, sports, eco activities, drama, tree trails and much more. Bring the family along. Well done Ballymun. You changed my mind some time ago 🙂
  • I’m speaking at the dot conf – book it while you can
  • Jason Roe. An avid gardener. Just jacked in the rat race. His plants missed him. BTW en route.


My Odd ball links:

  • Aparently I [also] look like Dermot Bannon. Leave it with you…. 😉

I like this raised bed. @irishhooligan made it to fit the ‘canvas’. He’s gonna grow veggies in it. Measures about 6′ x 4′ – love this sort of thing. Better than a woodees one ? I think so.


And on a nice note to finish via @whitespider. I like it. Reminded me of my Pop and the story of the blackbird that would tell him if I was bold 😉


A little birdy (found by my mum on my Nans window sill

Garden Writer


My writing began with a weekly piece for the Irish Farmers Journal in 2004. Over my 4 years there I also reported freelance for The IFJ on various events that took place.

Shortly after finishing with the Journal I started writing for Self Build Ireland Magazine, a quarterly publication. I wrote on more specialist subjects that were anywhere between 1,500 and 4,000 plus words. I worked freelance with the team there for about 2 seasons.

In between and to today I have written freelance for many publications both nationally and abroad.

In 2007 I started writing this weblog. It has been shortlisted for the last 2 years for the IIA Net Visionary awards and also nominated for the Irish Blog Awards.

If you would like to talk to me about writing with you for print, online, freelance or other as always the coffee pot is always on the brew or you can contact me via the following options.

  • by email info[at]doneganlandscaping[dot]com
  • via this website: click the contact page
  • call mobile – o876594688

Below are some articles that are live on the weblog.

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Hello Ireland…..? It’s Getting Greener Online

In a world were some people wonder why I write a weblog…. two milestones [?] took place very recently.

First, Philip Voice of the Landscape Juice Network announced.


Surprised ? It wouldn’t be the first time websites have been sponsored. I think it may just surprise to [some] of the green Irish…? Either or, in my opinion, we are kilometres miles behind.

The second…. The Royal Horticultural Society announce their first iPhone app. And guess what…? It is free. Why? My 2 cents…. traffic to the site and the next time they go to sell tickets how many more people will know….


The last time I mentioned the oldest gardening fraternity in the world they were selling Chelsea Flower Show tickets online announced via twitter. That was back in 2008.

To those in the real world it may sound odd that this is news worthy but…. then of course there was this article to regarding Irish horticulture online.

The fact that an article called why I write a blog is one of the most read from my arsenal says something to me. That I still continue to have to explain it. In that same breath I also wonder why UK based companies [a few, not many, but some] have got in touch to seek an online agreement with me…. but yet not one Irish company sees the value in it….

Maybe the Irish version is better and it’s my green friends in the UK who have it all wrong…. 😉 What do you think…?

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Facebook: You’re [no longer] Dead To Me!

UPDATE: 9th jan 2011

Peter Donegan landscaping Ltd is on Facebook:

I wrote this post here to say so. Its called: Peter Donegan landscaping Ltd now on facebook. Notice the title of the post.

The difference – you just won’t find a pic of my granny and a cat I never owned on holidays in Leitrim with me in a pair of shorts tagged on it, this way 😉

the first way it was set up – ie. as Peter Donegan [individual] on FB you may have.

*note: the original title of this post simply read: facebook: you’re dead to me!

To the post as I wrote it at the time, if you wish to read on…..

But I recommend you read this post called facebook fans for gardeners first.


Like the title says…



  • I am a gardener – so were most of the people I knew there.
  • Some were my family. Some were great friends.
  • In order to remain semi sane, never the twain should mix.
  • One was an Italian girlfriend. It lasted 3 weeks. When I was 15. She found me. It didn’t work out then…..
  • I got an average of 10 friend requests/ become a fan of per day. I told you the last time. now I have to tell you every single day.
  • I really only ever did RSS my Blog into it.
  • You never buy me a pint in real life. I don’t want an imaginary one.
  • Working on a virtual farm is not fun for me. I do not want to work on yours either
  • And finally Dermot O’ Niell is neither a vintage car, a fine wine nor dead.

Then I read this by Paul Walsh who has left twitter

One less thing to worry about…. who’s next