one in the hand…

peter donegan - my bird

A picture of Peter’s ‘bird… before anyone else says it!!

This was really cool. It is so amazing since I planted trees in my garden what has come with. I think this little fella hurt his wing and so I thought shoe box and soft paper… and seems he just popped by for a little chat and straight up onto ‘her indoors’ hand.

Simply amazing. Maybe two bushes is worth one in the hand after all..

investing in nature



I planted some new Tilia Cordata ‘Greenspire’ [and carpinus betula in the distance] outside my office last October and complete with bird feeders I left them there to do what nature feels best for them. Not being the best bird photographer in the country [I usually scare them all away], I managed to snap this little fella walking for a snack this morning. Even if Mother Nature is stalling trees from coming into leaf, in late April [!], my investment in nature has proved so worthwhile! Enjoy.