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National Tree Week 2012

From National National Tree Week 2012, these are some images and a wee vid that I should have put up here much earlier, but erm…. gardens, me, busy, outside etc πŸ˜‰

The audio from this walk will air tomorrow Friday 23rd March on The SodShow. Scroll to 16 minutes 23 seconds if you just wanna hear the National Tree Week stuff πŸ˜‰

I should also note that a donation of €3 was asked for on the day and the proceeds are going to the Temple Street gig I’m doing on Inis MΓ³r this April. This makes me smile.

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what tree will you plant this week…?

i planted a tree...
i planted a tree...

Today is the start of National Tree week. There are loads of events on – some are free, some will be extremely boring – some will be great for the family.

Either or it is amazing the bargains that always existed in this department.

Trees don’t have to grow huge. They can also be a ‘small tree’. They can fit on your balcony. They’ll cost about €10-15. And that includes the compost and the pot. If you need for a specific place and you are unsure just leave a comment here.

In the picture I have two trees. One died πŸ™ but it’s staying where it is. I have plans for that…. πŸ˜† So I planted a fig tree in front of it. I guess I didn’t want the garden to look bare.

Fig Trees
can be grown in a wide range of soil as long as it’s well drained. They are ‘usually trained up against a wall or fence. [This one won’t]. They are self fertile and easy to grow. I chose the Brown Turkey variety. It cost me €12.


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national tree week

Blog posting #300 πŸ™‚Β  March 1st – 7th 2009 is National Tree Week. It’s a cool week. There’s loads of tree events on – literally all over the country. There is no excuse not to get involved. I have some posts on trees, trees, trees and trees here to get you in the groove. That said if you don’t want to plant a tree yourself – you can always sponsor a tree – and it will be planted for you.

The trees don’t have to be huge – they even don’t have to be expensive – but they are important and if we did plant one tree each [that’s over 4 million!!] can you imagine how beautiful the country would look. If where you live is ‘not as green as it should be’, if you want to give something a little not so expensive and don’t want to look like a cheap-skate or if you haven’t seen a bird in your garden since you moved in…. You could… and you really could, make a difference.

Go on plant a tree. And give it a hug after πŸ˜† but of course!