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Some Green Bits And Bobs

First up the human powered cycling lawnmower


The rise of the backyard office by Michael Elliot. I like number 5. The log cabin [?] Thanks to Bernie Goldbach for this.

The fake BP T-shirt – bringing oil to american shores

GE puts 250,000 cows to work in a chinese biogas plant

via Gary over @ prosperity…. I love the Irish biodegradable iPhone Cover, he also let me know about the most amazing [rock] house ever

speaking of houses…. Amy told me about this Zero Carbon Underground Eco House

Dun Laoghaire Harbour web cam – get Mary to  phone you and you’ll be able to see her waving at you. Prefer the harbour mouth camera myself.

Also in Dublin, Dublin City Council now allows you to report things like abondoned vehicles and grafitti

Parc André Citroen ? the old citroen factory became a park…. wish a lot of bad looking buildings in Ireland became just that. Interesting.

Who is the greenest of them all…

And finally, the polestar in Letterkenny …? I’d never heard of it. Been there a while according to Damien Blake. I like this photograph of it.