dear mr. [taxman] brian lenihen….

it would make you wonder...

it would make you wonder...

Dear Mr. taxman Lenihen,
I’m 32 years old and I own a landscape design [etc] company. I have been in business eight years now. To the point, may I ask what have you ever done in return for all the money you have, taken sequestered maybe, from me? You are always paid on time; You never give me discount; You never say thank you; You’ve never even sent me a Christmas card.

I work very hard. I’ve never taken stress leave. I may close down if I did. If I were to close down and start back up again – I may get grants. In fact, if I were to close down and sign on – I [theoretically and no offence anyone] would get a Christmas bonus.

The funny thing is if I were to waste your money doing your garden – you can choose not to pay me… and when I don’t have enough money I close down. However, if you waste my [taxpayers that is] money… you still get paid and then you ask, no take more increase taxation again… it’s not really very fair put in that context? But then who am I… ?

Yours Sincerley,
Peter Donegan

ps: if you do need your garden done please call 01-8078712. If you ring from your office, I’ll cover the cost of the phonecall.

national award for donegan landscaping

Noel Smith, Peter Donegan & Aidan Cotter

Noel Smith, Peter Donegan & Aidan Cotter

February 2006 saw Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd receive a national award in recognition of standards achieved under the Landscape Quality Programme.

This the Donegan Landscapings second National award since October 2006 and the Donegan Landscaping team are one of only ten landscape & design companies in Ireland to have achieved the award.

The Award of Merit was presented to Peter Donegan MD of Donegan Landscaping Ltd by Mr Brendan Smith, Minister for Horticulture and Food and Aidan Cotter CEO Bord Bia on Friday 2nd February at Citywest Hotel.

The award is the result of more than four years of hard work through a stringently audited programme that was designed to raise standards within the landscape industry and increase customer confidence by rewarding companies who operate an awarded quality system through best practice and at the highest standards possible to this sector of the horticultural industry.

On winning the award Peter Donegan said: “We as a team are delighted to win this award, Donegan Landscaping has been in business six years and having won a national award for our landscape and design in October ’06 this now is recognition that a quality system is in place behind the scenes as well and now recognises the staff who work so hard to make each and every design and landscape project possible. ”

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