10 green-er bits and bobs…. for you!



Every now and again, I get a list of things that generally wouldn’t make an entire blog post so to speak or simply just deserve a good mention…. here are another 10 green-er-[ish] bit’s and bobs…. just for you! enjoy 🙂

  • Two company’s I recently reviewed Qik & Maxroam – they’ve just joined forces. A great Irish business success story. A great man in Pat Phelan at the helm. Read the facts here. Tanáiste Mary Coughlan was on hand celebrate with the lads great news. Bulaidh bós All.
  • Limerick Mothers asked to get real…? I’d mentioned real nappies before… It seems Limerick Co. Co. are going a step further and doing something… I’m all for this one. April 22nd and 23rd… Pity this isn’t an All Ireland gig. Well done Sinéad Mc Donnell, Limericks Environmental Officer!
  • According to Clare County Council… well, their press release [read it here], 37 plots measuring 15m x 10m is the way to tackle the recession?! Great idea – slight bandwagon jumping on me thinks! Would have been nice-er if this was simply just a good news story…. But then it is The Mayor of Clare
  • Free Gig! Interested? Composting at home? Limerick County Council & the Irish Peatland Conservation Council Coláiste Iosaef, Kilmallock (7.30-10pm, Thursday 23 April). I wonder do they have brown bins in Limerick? For more info contact Helen Rooney at 061-496192 or e-mail hrooney [at] limerickcoco [dot] ie
  • Courtesy of Eoghan Mc Cabe – been sitting in my locker a while… just waiting….  Ma! ? Press play below…. 😆

  • Courtesy of Nick Mc Givney – a new meaning to green business cards
great idea...

great idea...

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maxroam …technology for a gardener #2

maxroam is being used

maxroam is being used

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is here.This is piece #2. The second company is Maxroam.

This is a slightly tougher one for me to explain…

Basically you purchase the sim card. The telephone number related to your sim card however is [if you are Dublin, Ireland] is a 00353 and 01 number. When you travel abroad this has two main benefits [to me]:

  • your roaming rates are reduced by between 70-80%.
  • the person calling you is charged for a call to a Dublin landline telephone number saving 25 – 35 cent per minute

There are other benefits, but one that I have heard of, although for no apparent reason – just not for me, [but why not?] is if you don’t have a landline number for your business, it’s the ideal solution.

What do you do next?

  • buy your sim card online
  • have an unlocked phone
  • buy your call credit online
  • no bills – as such

The big thing I like here is – it is simple[ish] once one gets it set up. But if ‘you’ have problems – well, you kind of can’t – just check out the video guides on their website. If that fails, just pick up the phone.

Add to that a Cork based and Corkman owned Irish Company – and you’ll understand why I love and admire Maxroam so much!

And if you don’t believe me… then ask the U.S. Army

Cork meets the U.S. Army

Cork meets the U.S. Army

simple yet beautiful...

simple yet beautiful...

technology for a gardener…

...are we?

...are we?

I’ve been brewing on this one for a while. I know a lot of ‘techies’. But, like me, when talking in latin ie. plant language [my equivalent] – sometimes one can get lost in the midst of conversations and to the point of no return.

My task is to take ten technology related companies and with the help of the brains behind the operation

  • explain how your product/ service works technically
  • explain how it would benefit a non techie/ greenfingers

Where I can I will suggest

  • products/ services I use or haved used
  • in my everyday life where possible
  • Irish companies unless there is no equivalent

My reasons for this… I guess I had some bad luck in techie terms. At one point last year my website even died for 6 weeks and came up with the message ‘website suspended’ 🙄 the weekend bloom opened. Since then I have learned so much, I have met so many amazing people and I have come a long way in terms of what I might consider my now, second hobby.

No matter which way I look at it technology like nature should be embraced. It is a part of modern life and is often necessary to get those creative juices flowing.

I’ll publish one per week every thursday Monday. I’ll also put the directory of articles/ companies on this page. In the meantime enjoy the video… see if you can spot a techie you know 😆

  1. blacknight – read the article here
  2. maxroam – read the article here
  3. – read the article here
  4. twitter – read the article here
  5. polldaddy – read the article here
  6. loudervoice – read the article here
  7. eWrite – read the article here
  8. – read the article here
  9. silicon republic – read the article here
  10. murrion software – read the article here

the n95 – is the [i]phone for gardeners ?



First up – I’m not a computer techie genius. I studied horticulture for four years. Computer stuff so to speak is a past-time. Secondly. Of things that may fall out of ones pockets, fall into puddles, get rained upon etc… my gadgets need to be tolerant of my lifestyle. See this post on my camera 🙂

I had a Nokia N95. But I was given/ got an iphone. A new phone. I know some may say it is the best thing since roll out turf and I will not disagree with anyones review of what I am sure is an amazing piece of technology. But, I am constantly asked my thoughts on it, how I find it and if for me it works.

Whats this got ot do with the great outdoors I hear you say? Quite simply, I wanted to text a client a pic of a plant recently to say Eureka! I found ‘the one’. But, I couldn’t. It is therefore relevant to the business of landscaping. It needs to be reviewed.

The iPhone:

  • the battery life wont usually get me through a day
  • it is a little more fragile
  • the camera is 1 megapixel – very poor
  • one cant text a photograph
  • one cant recieve a photo in a text
  • i dont want email to my phone
  • i cant use qik on it [one can but you need to be a gifted techie]
  • i can’t use another sim card in it if i go abroad [see above]

This is why I will revert back to my old reliable Nokia N95.

  • it has a decent battery
  • its hardy-er
  • the camera is 5 megapixel [it even does black and white]
  • i can take a pic and text it to my mam
  • she can send me one back
  • i dont have email on it – i dont want it
  • qik was downloaded instantly

what do you think?